Chosungah 22 Wonder Juice Sugar Juice
Review: Chosungah 22 Wonder Juice Sugar Juice

I tested out Chosungah 22 Wonder Juice in Sugar Juice to see if it made a difference to my skin in our Korean skincare review.

There are a lot of amazing Korean beauty products that have been making their way over to this side of the world. When you start looking at them, you can feel happily overwhelmed, like a kid in the candy store. A good place to start it with the Korean skincare regimen, which means adding things like sheet masksampoules, and essences to your routine.

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Essences are usually liquid products, but they aren’t just another name for toners or face mists. Specific ones do different things, from exfoliating to moisturizing, but they generally prep the skin for other products. There are lots to choose from, but I was intrigued when I came across Chosungah22 Wonder Juice. It is described as a “multi-essence” and is sort of like a juice for your skin.

Here’s the description on the Chosungah22 website:

“Wonder Juice is a multi-essence with highly concentrated moisture and nutrition and can act as a toner, lotion, and essence. It is a perfect product that minimizes skincare steps for perfectly fitted makeup.”

If you want to try out some Korean skincare products but don’t want to invest in seven new things right off the bat, this Wonder Juice is a good place to start. There are four Wonder Juices to choose from: Sugar Juice, Peach Juice, Mandarin Juice, and Berry Juice. They all perform the same job of keeping your skin moisturized, but they contain slightly different ingredients.

I tested the Sugar Juice. It contains lemon, lime, lemongrass extracts, sugar cane extract, berry blossom complex, to name just a few of the ingredients. Yes, it goes has a slightly sweet smell, similar to lemonade, but it isn’t overpowering.

Chosungah 22 Wonder Juice Sugar Juice Top

You apply the Wonder Juice after cleansing your face. It has a closed top with a small hole so you can apply it with your hands. If your skin is on the dry side, you can apply the Wonder Juice to a cotton pad and place it on the dry parts of your skin for 5-10 minutes, then let the rest absorb in. You can also use it on your body.

Some people might find it odd to apply a liquid with their hands as opposed to a cotton pad or ball, but the Wonder Juice isn’t as watery as a regular toner, and the hole in the cap is so small that you don’t have to worry about the entire bottle spilling out onto your bathroom counter.

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I started using the Wonder juice after I cleansed my face. It is very lightweight and absorbs quickly. Plus, the liquid consistency makes it easy to quickly cover your entire face with just a few drops.

In the beginning, I just used the essence without any other products. Then I followed it up at night with face oil and in the day with a cream moisturizer and tried adding a toner before it. The essence does help the oil and moisturizers absorb better. You may not think that anything is really going on when you initially apply the Wonder Juice to your face because it is clear, but if you continue using it and add in other products, you can tell the difference. I’m using it twice a day, and even without exfoliating, I find that my skin is less dry and flaky. I’ve tried the cotton pad method but find it is moisturizing enough when you apply it directly with your hands. Plus, the Wonder Juice has a relaxing feeling on your complexion when you apply it. It ticks enough boxes that it is worth a place on your bathroom shelf.

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