Unless you are one of those women born with wishbone legs and thighs that don’t rub together, you have probably experienced thigh chafing in hot weather. In humid weather, you can get a red rash between your legs that develops when your thighs sweat and create friction as they brush against each other. If this has happened to you, consider one of the remedies below.

how to stop chafing thighs
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1. The Antiperspirant Fix

Many women only experience thigh chafing while wearing dresses or skirts for long periods of time. That’s because the constant rubbing creates friction, which can result in chafing. To stop this stubborn problem, you might have tried baby powder, which works only for a short while.

Perhaps you’ve tried the professional bicyclist’s trick: Vaseline. But that can be really messy if you use too much or don’t allow your skin to absorb the petroleum jelly completely before putting on your outfit for the day.

Before you give up on skirts and wear only shorts in the summer, consider applying an antiperspirant to the inside of your thighs. You can use roll-ons or sprays. Whichever product you choose, the antiperspirant keeps your thighs from sweating so that chafing won’t happen.

Keep the antiperspirant in your purse for really long days in the sun. You may need to re-apply as the day wears on and the product wears off.

2. The Anti-Chafe Balm Fix

My runner friends swear by anti-chafe balm for any body parts that tend to chafe. I recommend BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm for Her, which you can buy from Amazon.com. If cash is tight at the moment, you can try using a product you might already have in your kitchen–coconut oil.

Lotions, body butter, and body creams might also do the trick. In hot weather, however, these products can run as you sweat, making a mess.

3. Wear Leggings, Culottes or Loose Pants

If the two tricks above don’t prove helpful for you, consider avoiding wearing skirts and dresses for hours at a time. Instead, you can wear a light but stylish pair of leggings. Opt for leggings with prints, in bold colors, or even in metallic hues, such as gold or silver.

If leggings aren’t your style, consider a pair of culottes. These loose-fitting shorts are often mistaken for skirts and come in pretty floral prints appropriate for warm spring and summer days.

You can also try wearing a flowing pair of pants in a light material like silk. Lastly, there is no shortage of trendy rompers or jumpsuits in stores these days.

4. Hit the Gym

Okay, so this isn’t a quick fix, but the results may eliminate your need to find thigh-chafing remedies altogether. If you haven’t been exercising as much as you should, step up your time at the gym. Hit the treadmill or do another form of cardio.

Ask a trainer to recommend some machines designed to strengthen and tone your thighs and legs. This recommendation isn’t listed so you can pursue an unattainable goal, such as the “thigh gap” all of the models have. However, if your thigh chafing has become a major annoyance in your life, getting in shape and losing some weight may end your worries.

If losing, say, 15 pounds will result in your thighs no longer rubbing against one another, find the motivation to get in shape. But remember to speak with a healthcare professional before trying a new exercise regimen.

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