cat shaped towel
Firebox Sells Cat And Dog Face Towels.

Who doesn’t want to add a little more cuteness to their beauty routines? A lot of us do it with playful product packaging designs and the ever-popular cat ear headband. Animal lovers can add some fun into their beauty routines with Cat Face Towels ($15.59) from Firebox.

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Popsugar alerted us to the squee-inducing face product. The Firebox is all about curating cute one-of-a-kind products, and the face flannels definitely fit the bill. They’re shaped like a cat, complete with pointy ears, and are the perfect size for washing your face and creating a fun cat head selfie.

Cat And Dog Face Towels

If you want a set that looks like your cat, there are four purrrrfect options to choose from: ginger, black, black and winter, and brown and white. Firebox hilariously proclaims, “[They’re] better than wiping your face on a real cat.”

Firebox hasn’t forgotten about dog lovers, either. They’re also stocking equally adorable Dog Face Towels. Take your pick between a bulldog, French bulldog, pug, and golden retriever. Or you can get them all.

Cute Dog Face Towels

Suddenly a plain white washcloth doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

(Photos: Firebox)

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