How Should You Prepare For A Brazilian Wax?

Greetings, readers. I’m going on vacation for my birthday, and I want to get a Brazilian wax, but I’m terrified.

I have gotten two waxes on my nether region. Well, three, if you count the time, I unsuccessfully tried to wax myself (and sort of four, if you count, when I literally plucked out all the hair in eighth grade due to shame). They were unpleasant, as waxes tend to be.

I regularly wax my lip and eyebrows, as the aesthetic is pleasing to me, and I prefer to have a smooth upper lip and arched brow. But waxing a small area with fine hair is completely different than having a stranger apply hot wax around your vulva and tear out the fucking hairs by the root. I had sugaring done earlier this year which I actually didn’t mind nearly as much as the soft wax, but I’d like to just try all different kinds in order to determine the one my skin reacts best to.

Obviously, I am doing this all by choice, and I’m well aware that it will suck. I’ve written in the past about why I don’t remove my pubic hair very often, which is true, for the most part. I rarely shave my legs except when I have to wear tights (because it’s super uncomfortable otherwise), and I just don’t feel the drive to remove anything else below the belt very often. If somebody doesn’t want to sleep with me as a result (which has never happened, actually), then that’s entirely up to them. I just hate shaving, and I don’t have the money to run around getting a wax every month or two.

The aesthetic of minimal pubic hair nevertheless appeals to me once in a while, and I like how it looks when I wear a bathing suit (which I will be doing this week!). I also have a tattoo on my pubic area that I like to be able to actually see, though I guess it will primarily be visible to myself. But still! Visible nonetheless.

SO, I need your advice: how do I make this less awful? I know it won’t be painless because, again, it involves hairs being ripped out from the follicles. But I am extremely sensitive to pain, and I am a terrible worrier, so I’d like to do something to make it a little better. Any products or preparations I should do? Let me know!

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