Brandless Beauty Products

With all of the new beauty launches, our credit cards can go into the red really quickly. You go into Sephora, and it’s easy to drop over $100 just on a few products. If you still want to try new beauty products, but don’t want to be in the negative, Brandless, is a “no-name” beauty brand you should have on your radar because the company sells all of its products for $3. Really.

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The brand sells hand creams, lotions, hand soaps, lip balms, and body lotions for the sweet price of $3 each. While you might be concerned about the quality of the products given the low price, they’re made without parabens and phthalates. Plus, they’re not tested on animals.

lip balms

The key is that Brandless packages its products in brightly colored generic bottles. What’s more, Brandless explains on its website that it doesn’t have a hidden Brand Tax that national brands add on. Brandless’ streamlined source-to-consumer distribution model means that we get quality products without the expensive markups.

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And if you’re looking for things beyond beauty, Brandless also sells affordable household supplies, things for the office, and even food. You can check out all of Brandless’s offerings on their website. Just a warning: You’re going to be on there for a long time.

(Photos: Brandless).

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