Did you know people in Brazil, Colombia, and Australia shower more often than people in the US, Spain, and France? It’s likely due to the heat, unless it’s a cultural phenomenon.

Still, whether you’re a once-a-day kind of person or an every third day kind of person, don’t you want to look cute as you get clean? And don’t you want your shower to be accessorized in such a way that the task becomes a treat?

Below, we’re going to lay out some shower accessories for both you and your fabulous tub.

5 Cool Options for Shower Accessories

1. Shower Caps

Whether you’ve just paid for a fabulous blowout or you want to get one more day out of your curls, a waterproof shower cap is your number one accessory. Nowadays, you can find one in any pattern or style.

In truth, we’re not supposed to get our hair wet every day. But, a good morning rinse-off should be an everyday item. Why not do it in a manner that makes you smile when you pick up your polka dot pink or sky blue cap?

2. Waterproof Speaker

While you’re opening up the pores, open up the pipes with a song or two. Dance in the shower and start your day right with one of these bathroom shower accessories.

Keep your speaker synced to the Bluetooth on your phone and press play on your favorite playlists each morning. It’ll wash your cares away as much as the soap and the suds.

3. Shower Seat

Even if you’re in a mellow mood, you should still pop on your speaker. But, if you’re not in the mood to shimmy or shake, it’s always nice to have the option to pop a squat.

Take a seat while washing up on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Having a shower seat also makes certain tasks like shaving a lot easier. Or, you can rest for a moment under the invigorating spray while your hair mask sets in.

4. Shower Caddie

Nothing says “refreshing” like an organized home. And shower caddies are great when it comes to walk in shower accessories.

Let it begin in the shower with an organized caddy containing all the essentials. You’ll lay out your day right and never have to search in vain for your razor or favorite conditioner with this kind of shower accessories holder.

5. Microfiber Towel

On the days that you’re not donning your shower cap, invest in a plush microfiber towel for your hair. They’re soft; they’re smartly designed; and they’ll dry your hair faster.

Having a few on hand makes laundry day so much easier. Gone are the days of washing and drying big bulky towels for our hair. Once you invest in a few, you’ll never go back.

The Best Shower Accessories for You

Start your day right with these shower accessories. Some will help you look cute. Some will organize your day. Others will help you relax under the soothing spray.

As you continue to doll up your life, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our blog. It’s always updated with you in mind.

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