There are only so many hours in a day between work, play, and everything else. Throw in looking your best, and you have a recipe for the busiest day ever. Thankfully, a handful of beauty brands recognized your plight for needing more hours in the day.

Now, your most common beauty issues to dry strands can be solved while you sleep. Say word? Read on to discover 9 products designed to do some heavy lifting while you catch some much-needed z’s.

Capitalize on Moisture

Popularized in Asia, sleep masks have been touted as the next big thing in anti-aging. This ultra-light gel mask offers deep hydration without an uncomfortable thick texture (or an unsightly residue on your pillow). Clinical studies show moisture levels are boosted to up three times and provide up to 48 hours of hydration. Layer on top of your favorite moisturizer for an added boost, especially during the chillier months.

Best Foot Forward

Dry, scaly heels are the last thing anyone wants to rub up against in bed. Soothe your feet with this non-greasy balm infused with nature’s best emollient—shea butter. The best part? The unique formula is non-transferrable, so there’s no need to wear socks!

Everything But Water

Erase your conventional theories about what a “mask” is. Unlike traditional formulas, this non-washable, gel-like version combines ingredients like olive leaf, sophora jadonica flower, cranberry, and hylaronic acid to leave skin replenished and revitalized. Simply apply, sleep, and wash off the next morning.

Wake Up with Better Hair

Don’t just dream about your perfect hair day—actually obtain it. Unlike Living Proof co-owner Jennifer Aniston, we don’t have celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan on speed dial. Despite your affinity for blow-drying, Night Cap uses proprietary Healthy Hair Molecules (OFPMA) and cuticle-sealing technology to help smooth your hair. This benefit lasts up to five shampoos.

Sweet (and Soft) Dreams

Ensure your skin stays soft and supple from dusk until dawn with a luxe body oil. Create a nighttime ritual you won’t want to skip by applying this blend of lavender, roman chamomile, and wild atlas cedar. Bonus: essential oils are known to encourage peaceful sleep.

Lengthen & Strengthen

Looking for longer lashes or a remedy for sparse brows? Browhaus, a store that removes hair, wants to help you get rid of short, thin, or brittle lashes with a powerful serum that does two things at once. Don’t worry. The protein-peptide active ingredients are gentle enough to use around the eye area and won’t cause unwanted hair growth.

You Glow Girl

There’s no need to dream that you went on vacation. You can actually look like you went on one! With ingredients like aloe vera and red algae, this luxurious, light lotion keeps skin hydrated and gives it a natural-looking tan. Apply from head-to-toe without fear of damaging your sheets!


Protect your color and reverse the signs of damage with this hard-working overnight hair mask. Before bed, simply apply to mid-shaft to your ends on dry hair before washing in the morning. Use once per week to rejuvenate strands to their youthful luster.

Three The Hard Way

Who knew you could exfoliate, revitalize, and plump your skin all at once without lifting a finger? Once applied, active ingredients get to work to help brighten dull skin while smoothing out surface wrinkles. Apply over serum or under moisturizer two to three times a week for impressive results.

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