11 Best Men's Grooming Products Women Can Use On Hair, Skin
11 Best Men’s Grooming Products Women Can Use On Hair, Skin

These are the best men’s grooming products women can use for hair care, skin care, shaving, and more.

Listen up, ladies: there’s a whole range of beauty products that are totally usable for all of us, but we rarely notice them. Most of the stuff marketed to women involves words like “silky” and “goddess” and “sparkling”; they all come in pink, turquoise, and hydrangea pink; they smell like tulips and sexy, sexy watermelon candy. They’re all well and good for lots of ladies, but for others, trying something new from a different section of the aisle can be a welcome blessing. Enter: men’s grooming products.

These are some of the best male-targeted products that women can use, from deodorant to cologne–even mustache wax. Prepare to raid your boyfriend/husband/BFF/brother’s bathroom cabinet; you’re going to want to try some of these!

1. Deodorant

When people see me whip out my travel-size Old Spice Deodorant & Antiperspirant or spot the full-size version on my dresser, they inevitably have one of two reactions:

  1. “Oh no, do you sweat that badly?”
  2. “Oh my god, I use men’s deodorant too, and I effing love it.”

I can’t help it; I just hate the scents that women’s deodorants always come in. Maybe I don’t want my underarms to reek of lavender! Maybe when people hug me, they shouldn’t smell the lovely scent of Sam Sweat + Crushed Flower Petals! While I cannot declare that men’s deodorant and antiperspirant somehow works inherently better than women’s (that would take a lot of testing, and I am just not willing to rate my sweat stench that much, I’ll be honest), I can say that if you like scented deodorants but aren’t into the ones typically offered in the lady section, check out some of Old Spice’s or even (gasp!) Axe.


  • Old Spice Pure Sport Sweat Defense
  • Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Deodorant

2. Beard Exfoliator

Before men shave their beards, they are supposed to exfoliate in order to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. The same goes for women’s bodies! If you tend to break out after shaving, it could be worth your time to try out some great exfoliators. While you can simply use a loofah and your everyday body wash, the great thing about many men’s exfoliators is that they have ingredients meant to soothe skin and prevent razor burn–something that obviously sucks for faces more than almost any other spot since people can see it at all times.

Next time you’re in the shower and want to shave your legs, reach for a men’s product to exfoliate with and apply it in a circular motion, then rinse it off. After that, you can use whatever shaving lotion you typically utilize thereafter.


3. Shaving Brush

Yes, really. If you want to feel super snazzy and pampered, use a men’s shaving brush with shaving cream in order to lather up, exfoliate, and prep your skin for the razor. Plus, how cool with a shaving brush look next to your vanity?


  • Napa Soap Company Shaving Gift Set
  • The Art of Shaving Black Shaving Brush
  • Grooming Lounge Chrome Shaving Brush

4. Razors

This is often a purely aesthetic thing because most men’s razors are extremely similar to women’s versions, except women’s usually come in pink, purple, or baby blue. If you’re looking for a snazzy one that you can use on your legs, underarms, or anywhere else, there are lots of solid men’s options that come in more muted shades.


  • J. Paul Grooming Anti-Aging Shave Kit
  • Schick Xtreme 3 Refresh

5. Shaving Cream

If you’re not into the typical Skintimate gels that are in the lady section of the shaving aisle, a men’s shaving cream can offer the same type of lubrication without smelling like daisies, summer rain, or cranberry-based mimosas. Lather up!


  • Proraso Refresh Shaving Cream Tube
  • The Art of Shaving Unscented Shaving Cream

6. Shaving Oil

Not into lathering up at all? Protect your skin and ensure that your blade will be able to move smoothly. Simply apply a layer atop moistened, softened hair follicles in the shower or over a steamy sink, then carefully allow your blade to glide over the skin. Voila! You’re all set and good to go no soap necessary.


  • Brooklyn Grooming Red Hook Shaving Oil
  • Jack Black Beard Lube

7. Mustache Wax

It sounds ridiculous, but mustache wax is a fantastic way to add texture and movement into your hair without a strong fragrance or too much funkiness (yes, that’s a word I just made up, what of it?). The one personally recommended for men’s facial hair by Steve Mazzucchi at our brother site Made Man: Firehouse Mustache Wax, so give it a go, particularly if you’ve got a short crop that needs some spicing up.


  • How To Grow A Mustache ‘Tache Organic Mustache Wax
  • Firehouse Mustache Wax

8. Aftershave

Protect your skin, tighten your pores, and keep it all feeling refreshed longer with aftershave. Personally, I do not like the feeling of applying lotion just after the shower, but applying a bit of aftershave makes my skin feel just plain awesome. It is intended to prevent razor burn and irritation–both of which I am prone to, sorry for the TMI–so adding this element to my regimen has proven very effective.


9. Cologne

I love perfume. Love it. It’s to the point where whenever people come over to my house for the first time, they think I have a small mini-bar set up by my window full of pink, gold, and clear liquids in geometric bottles. Alas, no: it’s all just perfume. But sometimes, we all need a change from the typical perfumes marketed toward and made for women. When I was younger, I used to wear my brother’s Adidas Moves because I thought it smelled so much cooler and fresher than the Teen Spirit-y stuff I had previously been purchasing.

Once you start trying out men’s scents, you wind up finding just how many fragrances you’ve been missing out on in the male section of Sephora and the like! When marketing to men, brands often have crisp, cool, or musky and deep scents intended, which could be a great alternative if you’re not down with florals, which female-intended perfumes often are. If you’re not ready for a hardcore cologne or just prefer a more subtle scent, look for an “eu de toilette.”


  • Histoires de Parfums 1899 Hemingway Eau De Parfum
  • Zirh Pure Ikon Eau De Toilette Spray
  • CB I Hate Perfume 2nd (Alan) Cumming Water Perfume

10. Electric Razors

Many women hate to use sharp razors for fear of cutting themselves or irritating their skin. A rad alternative that is rarely marketed towards female customers: electric razors! You can get a pretty close shave with electric razors these days without any danger of cutting your skin.


  • ShaveTech USB-Charging Electric Razor
  • Panasonic 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver

11. Anti-Shine Moisturizer

Yes, women have plenty of mattifiers and primers already, but many of those also serve other purposes to one’s beauty look. For example, many primers feature luminizing elements that give skin a pretty and bronzed glow–wonderful for when you want to look like a Greek goddess on the beach, but not so wonderful if you prefer a plain look that’s simply devoid of shine. Most (if not all) men’s anti-shine products don’t possess these same bonuses, so they are perfect for days when you just want to go to work without looking like a sweat monster.

Of course, if you’re looking to just keep your makeup on all day, you can always try out our heat-proof makeup tutorial, but even then, an anti-shine moisturizer is a perfect base to start with.


  • Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator 24-Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer For Men
  • Anthony Logistics For Men’ Instant Fix’ Oil Control Mattifier

Do you have any favorite men’s grooming products you love? Tell us in the comments!

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