Optimizing our time in this hectic world of today is a priority for many people. And understandably so. With not nearly enough hours in a day for everything we’d like to do, we have to find ways to make those hours. Therefore, actively focusing on speeding up everyday processes will provide us with enough additional time to enrichen our lives with interesting and entertaining activities.

Regardless of whether you’ll use that extra time to catch on with your favorite show, learn how to play the clarinet, enroll in a yoga teacher training program, or embark on a trip around the world, our 6 beauty tips will help you to develop a faster morning routine and gain more time in the process. In the spirit of efficiency, let’s get cracking!

Nighttime Preparations

It’s a good idea to begin your morning beauty routine at nighttime. What we mean by this is that you can prepare your face even before going to sleep, which will speed up the morning routine itself. 

In order to avoid having to apply skincare products in the morning, you can use a face mask. Face masks are usually rather potent and can function as an all-in solution for skincare. There are masks designed for every skin type, whether that’s dry skin, oily skin, or any kind of skin in-between.

Best Beauty Tips for a Faster Morning Routine

Similarly, you can also prepare your hair before going to sleep. If you want to see smooth strands upon waking up, you should comb your damp hair, put it in a nylon stocking, and twist it into a bum. For a more wavy look, on the other hand, wrap your hair in four buns before going to bed. Two buns should be at the nape of your neck, and the other two above the ears.

Bronzer for the Win

Bronzer is probably the beauty product for morning routines. It will give you an attractive soft glow on the nose and on the cheeks. You can use a fluff brush to quickly apply bronzer all over the face, which will instantly make you appear more alert and alive than you likely are in the morning.

And for some easy contouring, you can apply the bronzer underneath the cheekbones in no time, too.

Avoid Going to Sleep Before Removing Your Makeup

Avoid Going to Sleep Before Removing Your Makeup

Sleeping in makeup seems like an appealing course of action when you’re tired, but the time you’ll gain by doing so will not be worth it once sleeping in makeup leads to breakouts. Optimally, you should use oil or a gentle cleanser to remove makeup before going to bed. 

But, with the chronic lack of time and energy, it’s understandable if you used face wipes from time to time, for the purpose of removing makeup. Just keep them nearby, so as to avoid having to waste additional time.

The Importance of SPF Products

Another thing that’s appealing to do, but is actually bad for you, is to not use SPF (sun protection factor) products in the morning. Applying sunscreen products every morning will keep you protected from sun damage, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and even skin cancer. Sun gives, but it also takes, and especially so during the summer.

The Importance of SPF Products

There is a way to save time when applying sunscreen, though, Namely, look for a high-quality multi-tasking SPF product, that will help you, for example, with hydrating and brightening, too.

Moisture-retentive Oil and Face Tonic

Moisture-retentive oils, such as the Calendula oil, will allow you to make yourself presentable quickly. You just need a splash of cold water first, and you’ll be ready to apply the oil while the face is still damp.

Follow this by spitzing a bit of a fresh face tonic on top of the moisture-retentive oil, and you’re good to go! You can even make your own face tonic easily. Here’s an example of a solid do-it-yourself fresh face tonic.

Be Organized

Our final tip is about the overall organizational practices that will mean a lot when you’re in a rush. We know you’re tired and you’d rather do something else, but taking the time to prepare all your beauty products the day before will allow you to be more efficient in the morning. Looking for products while a clock is ticking in the background of your mind will not only introduce needless stress, but will likely waste more precious time in the morning. 

Similarly, be prepared and plan your entire beauty routine in advance. Knowing just what to do will turn you into a cosmetics-applying machine that will finish the job faster than you thought was possible. Good luck and stay beautiful!

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