There’s a certain air to barber shops that you don’t find anywhere else.  Rather than going for the commercial vibe, the advertising vibe, or the spa relaxation vibe, barber shops focus on practicality and simply getting the job done.  This is, of course, a very good thing that most clients and workers in barber shops appreciate!  However, it makes some people wonder: what is needed in a barber supply store where the focuses are on such specific jobs and uses.

Barber Supply Store: Where to Buy Barber Supplies?

The basics

There are some very basic staples that you can expect to find at a barber supply shop in person or online.  These include:

  • A hydraulic barber chair: Since you can’t very well get all of the angles and reaches from one position unless you’re on one of those fancy stools and zooming around — no running with scissors! — you’ll want a hydraulic barber chair to move a customer up and down and shift as needed with minimal effort.
  • A drawer station: Your tools, combs, and products have to be stored somehow, right?  You’ll want some sort of drawer station that you can put wherever you need it.  For best results, get one on wheels so that it can move around with you if you need it to.
  • Shears: This is where the barber shop art really comes out.  You’ll be able to find some styling hair cutting shears as well as those ever-important blending and thinning shears, too, so that you can get the look just right, down to the last detail.
  • Shaver’s and razors: The right facial shavers and trimmers, not to mention razors, are going to separate out the pros from the amateurs, not to mention offer a whole lot more comfort to the customer.  It shouldn’t be neglected if you just want to go with one of these products instead of all of them, as the difference is palpable!
  • Disinfectants: This is where some barbers can get a little fancy!  Using decorative jars or just matching ones, disinfectants such as barbicide can be stored easily within reach so that you’re going to be able to rely on the right strength disinfectant to help you enjoy a healthy space.  If you want to get extra fancy, use different colored jars for different products!
  • Styling balms, etc: The other part of the design in barber shops is the styling products.  This is often where you’ll want to branch out a bit based on what you think your customers are going to want, or what you want if you are your own customer!
Where to Buy Barber Supplies?

The point of a supply store is to, well, supply

Our barber supply store is completely focused on meeting all of those basic needs however we can.  All of our provided and offered supplies are carefully selected to be top quality and to make sure that you are going to be able to offer your clients (even if they are you!) the best products, tools and supplies.

The right experience starts with the right supplies, and those right supplies have to come from a barber supply store that you can trust!

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