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New Year’s resolutions are hard and mostly annoying. Mine was to stop letting my stomach dictate my life (mostly because I’ve realized ramen isn’t good for every meal), but if yours was to save money, this guide is your new best friend. Find out where to buy boa skincare products.

While I also should resolve to save money because I just signed a new lease and spent a boatload on broker fees and security deposits, it’s a welcomed feeling to find brands that really help keep those dolla dolla bills where they belong. Spending money on new clothes and skincare products had been my vice throughout 2021, so 2022 needs to be different. The great thing about these brands is that they don’t have the weird background that places like Forever21 and H&M have, plus you don’t have to go hunting through an overcrowded store to find something that looks more expensive than the $24.99 you spent on it. Affordability and luxuriousness are not mutually exclusive!

Here are 6 brands that will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions to save money.

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Glamour Dolls

I first received an eyeliner from Glamour Dolls in a gift bag and was pleasantly surprised. Then, when I got to try out the rest of the line (and when I found out everything was under $5!) I was in love. The lip creams are long-lasting and don’t dry out. The tinted lip balms aren’t overly sickly scented like a lot of cheaper products tend to be. And the bronzer will last you a lifetime.

Call It Spring

If you’re looking for another addition to your shoe obsessions, Call It Spring is it. Run by the Aldo company, Call it Spring is its even more affordable and adorable sister. With on-trend pieces like lace-up sandals and ankle strap pumps, this brand will be your go-to when momma needs a new pair of shoes. Just FYI, everything is under $100.

Wanderlust + Co

Delicate, stacking jewelry was huge in 2021 and will continue to dominate jewelry trends in 2022. But who wants to spend over $100 on rings? Wanderlust + Co. is perfect for that jewelry junkie that loves trendy, of-the-moment pieces but doesn’t want to spend an arm and leg to get them. Get marble accents, rose gold gorgeousness, and more for a fraction of what you think you should be paying.

e.l.f Skincare

We all know and love e.l.f. for amazing usability for a steal of a price. But when I found out they were launching a skincare line, I was over the moon. K-Beauty is still roaring through the skincare world, but sometimes, the prices just feel like you’re paying for something you don’t need. e.l.f. has everything from a facial massager to a bubble mask. You’re welcome.

RI Plus

Just like e.l.f., River Island has been a brand that’s saving us money for years. With the launch of their plus-size line, RI Plus, they have solidified themselves in the hearts of those ladies looking for an option outside of Forever21 or H&M that feels cool, on-trend, and, most importantly, affordable.


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