No two beauty products are the same (which makes things confusing). If there’s one thing you should know about makeup, it’s that there are two primary types to pick from—cream and powder. Both have different properties that can make your skin look and feel incredible, but how do you know which makeup product to choose?

Start by Considering the Type of Skin You Have

Understanding your skin type is always the first step to choosing the right makeup items. Certain beauty products accommodate certain skin types, so choosing the right products will make the most positive impact on your skin.

A general rule is individuals with oily skin benefit from powder products while cream products hydrate normal-to-dry skin.

Powder Makeup Is Lovely for Little Details

Do you want to contour your browbone or cupid’s bow? Would you like to add just a hint of blush to the top of your cheeks?

Powder makeup is lightweight yet dynamic. It’s ideal to emphasize little features that make a huge difference. A small detail brush or a large fluffy makeup brush will help you achieve your desired look.

Cream Makeup Creates a Soft, Natural Look

People love cream makeup because of how easily it blends into the skin. Each element, from foundation to bronzer, will result in hydrated, luminous skin.

All you’ll need is a beauty sponge or your fingers to incorporate the foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, and highlighter into your skin. It doesn’t take much to create an effortless glow on the skin.

Powders Can Highlight Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Although powders are lightweight and great for tiny details, all-over coverage can occasionally become disadvantageous. Powder foundations and concealers are more likely to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. The powder settles into the skin and makes the signs of aging prevalent.

There are Full- and Light-Coverage Options for Both Cream and Powders

There isn’t a distinct line dividing cream and powder products. Although powders are often less heavy and pigmented, there are plenty of full-coverage powder products on the market. Cream products can be sheer, as well.

Pay attention to the descriptions when shopping for beauty products. You never know when a full-coverage powder foundation or a lightweight cream blush will surprise you.

Create a Balance Among Your Products

Maybe choosing between cream or powder makeup products isn’t the only option. Instead, you can establish a balance to cater to your skin’s particular needs.

Perhaps you don’t know why your nose is oily, so you use a cream foundation with powder in the T-zone to control the shiny appearance. Some people might choose a simple powder blush for a subtle pinky appearance atop a cream foundation.

The opportunities are endless! Pay attention to your skin type and the products you’ve loved in the past. Experiment with many different types to eventually finalize your favorite makeup routine.

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