White Versus Black Beauty Trends In The Past 100 Years
White Versus Black Beauty Trends In The Past 100 Years. (Photo: Cut Video/YouTube).

These videos from Cut show how beauty trends have changed from 1910 to 2010 for white and black women in under a minute.

New beauty trends emerge all of the time thanks to social media, the red carpet, and all of the new products always coming out. Even though it seems like there is some new must-have eyebrow shape or nail color every month, there are always long-lasting beauty trends that help define a decade. Think the 60s graphic eyeshadow or the more-is-more approach to color in the 80s.

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Cut originally created a one-minute-long video showing the range of beauty trends from the last 100 years. It was great to see the wide range of beauty looks showcased on one model. However, the video wasn’t able to convey how beauty trends were appropriated by everyone because it only featured one white model. Luckily, Cut has produced another video with a black model. The video covers the same period of time, from 1910 to 2010, and shows how a woman of color would embrace the same trends.

It’s interesting to see how the trends were adapted to suit different women based on their complexions and hair textures. The Cut has produced a side-by-side comparison video featuring the two models.

In addition to looking at the changing beauty ideals and inspiring us to try some retro beauty looks, the videos also highlight that beauty trends evolved for all women, and it is important to remember that. Sometimes they evolved the same way, and sometimes different, with new additional trends being created, so it’s important to look back and remember the history and trends for everyone.

Check out Cut to see more videos.

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