Author: Efa Yasin

Efa Yasin, exhibits her witty personality, through her intriguing writings. With her forte being in English, she has conducted researches and concocted articles on various niches like marketing, travel and tourism, information technology, and many more. Currently, she is writing for a marketing blog:

Which Marketing Career Is Right for You

A marketing career may be just right for you if you: want to help grow a business and make a difference; enjoy working with people, but also want to spend more time on your ideas; like the idea of being part of an organization that values collaboration and creativity; have an interest in creating lasting social change; are happy to tackle complex challenges and challenging problems. Role of a marketer A marketer is part of the marketing team and works with customers, including consumers, business-to-business (B2B) clients, and suppliers. A good understanding of market research enables a successful professional to…

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