Last year, I was living in Sweden and bought some capris for men (by Mexx). They are really light and comfortable. Now I’m back in the States and am looking for something similar, without much success. Do you have any pointers? (I’d buy women’s capris, but it’s hard to find ones that fit right.

I haven’t seen any place here that sells capri pants for men, though I think it sounds like a neat look with the right shoes. Have you tried shopping online, searching for “Mexx” on, or maybe trying eBay? Failing that, if you can find pants in the right fabric (weight and style), you could have a tailor shorten them into capris for you.

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I’ve been trying to find men’s capris, too. Women can adopt any men’s style they wish, but just let men try it. We’d like to be comfortable too. Perhaps men are afraid of compromising their machismo. I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, I’ll just keep cutting my pants off.

Thanks for writing!  You make a good point about men’s and women’s fashions–it is very easy for women to co-opt any style they wish, but much harder for men.  Since capri pants are becoming ubiquitous, I expect we will start to see them for men on a regular basis. Until then, enjoy your scissors, and congratulations on not letting fashion retailers dictate your personal sense of style! 🙂

I am beginning to think of this as the fashion question that would not die…–ed.

Are Capri Pants Professional Enough to Wear to the Office?

Are capri pants considered professional wear for the office or, in my case, a high school for the female teachers to wear?

It depends on the overall attitude of the office or school where you work. Capri pants are inherently casual, but you can dress them up a bit by wearing a polished top (like a crisp white button-down shirt), sophisticated flats, or sandals–maybe something with a little heel, but not a high heel–some well-thought-out but not overly dressy jewelry, and by making sure your hair looks very polished.

Hope that helps–if you’d like to talk more about it, let me know!

Finding men’s capris in the US can be quite challenging. There are avenues you can explore;

  1. Amazon: You can check out the Rexcyril Mens Baggy Linen Capri Pants on Amazon.
  2. Travel forums: Some travel forums suggest that you might have luck finding men’s capri pants in Europe.
  3. Urbanwear companies: Interestingly, according to a forum post on Ask Andy About Clothes, it seems that some urbanwear companies are now catering to men by offering capri pants.
  4. Clothing stores: If you’re into activities, stores like Kathmandu US offer quick-drying and adjustable pants that could serve as suitable alternatives to traditional capris.
  5. Travel pants: Another option worth exploring is travel pants with a capri length option like the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Pants.

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Additionally, if you’re open to alternatives to capris, consider cotton shorts or lightweight pants that can be easily rolled up. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your style and preferences.

I hope that helps!

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