Hi, I just purchased some suede boots that are really cute, but I don’t know what to wear with them. They come up pretty high on my caf and don’t have much of a heel. They are dressier than Uggs.

Suede boots, cool!!! You have a couple of different options in skirt length with your boots, especially if they fit fairly snugly on the calf. One of my favorite looks is to wear high boots with dark hose or tights and a short, straight skirt that hits above the knee. Balance the look with a chunkier top or, as the weather gets a little warmer, with a casual top that has some substance to it.

You can also wear a longer, full skirt that hits either below the top of the boots or slightly above it (again, it helps if you wear tights or hose in the same tonal family as either skirt or boots. An asymmetrical hemline skirt would look REALLY current and quite cute.

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Here are the key points about what to wear with suede boots:

Versatility of Suede Boots: Suede boots are not only warm and comfortable but also stylish. They can be worn in various styles, from ankle boots to thigh-high boots, and come in different colors, like brown and traditional black.

Outfit Ideas with Suede Boots:

  • Skinny Jeans: Suede boots pair well with skinny jeans, especially in versatile colors like blue or black.
  • Leather Jacket: Neutral-colored leather jackets, such as camel or black, complement suede boots.
  • Sweater Skirt: Sweater skirts, especially in cable knit designs, look great with beige or neutral-colored suede boots.
  • Leather Skirt: Leather skirts, especially in tan, can be paired with suede boots of a similar color to elongate the legs.
  • Sweater Dress: Sweater dresses are cozy and functional for colder months and pair well with suede boots.
  • Chiffon Dress: Chiffon dresses, often considered summer attire, can be transitioned for colder seasons with suede boots and a cardigan.
  • Leather Shorts: For an edgy look, pair suede boots with leather or faux leather shorts.
  • Denim Skirt: Denim skirts, especially in black, can be paired with various colors of suede boots.
  • Wide-leg Jeans: Wide-leg jeans, especially ankle booties, go well with suede boots.
  • Skater Dress: Skater dresses, known for their flattering silhouette, can be paired with suede boots for a casual look.
  • Shirtdress: Shirtdresses, which offer a professional look, can be made casual or event-ready with suede boots.
  • Maxi Dress: Maxi dresses, typically worn in spring or summer, can be transitioned for colder seasons with suede boots.
  • Matching Set: Matching sets, especially in pants style, can be paired with suede boots for a coordinated look.
  • Midi Dress: Midi dresses, known for their classy appearance, can be styled with suede boots.

Suede boots are timeless and can be paired with a variety of trendy pieces. They offer versatility, allowing for combinations with delicate materials like silk or satin, as well as tougher ones like camouflage and leather. Experimenting with different styles can lead to Instagram-worthy outfits.

I hope that helps!

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