Hey, I love your site! One big question, though: what is the trend for summer clothing in New York City? I have been there before, but only during the winter. HELP!!!!!

Thanks for the comment on the site; I have a lot of fun with it when I have time to work on it!

You’ll see a lot of the same things in New York that you see elsewhere in the country, just with a little more polish and sophistication. Actually, you’ll see EVERYTHING, but I’m assuming you want to be on the stylish end of the spectrum. 🙂

One thing about New York in the summer is that it is hot. Hot, hot, hot. You’ll see lots of people in shorts, which are huge this year anyway. I would recommend longer-length, flat-front shorts in a slightly dressier fabric. Keep in mind that you’re going to get them wrinkled, and plan your outfit with a degree of casualness so that wrinkles won’t look out of place.

Wear comfy, comfy shoes like sandals with a lot of padding for your feet, or you’ll end up in T.J. Maxx buying more comfortable ones like I did last time. Tunics are big this year, and so are tank tops. And for some reason, I’m really, really in love with floppy hats this year. But, with the wind in N.Y., they’re apt to blow off.

You can also go with casual skirts, but I would go with straighter or pencil styles rather than breezy full ones (again, so you don’t have to worry about the wind showing the world your underwear).

A big casual tote in canvas or leather for all your souvenirs would also come in handy, and don’t forget the big sunglasses. Think Audrey Hepburn. I hope you have a great trip!

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