I am planning a vacation in Europe and need to know what type of comfortable walking shoes would look best with capri pants. I will be walking most of the day, so sandals are out. What about plain tennis shoes? What type of socks should I wear? I want to look nice, but comfort is extremely important. I am 50 years young!–Kathy.

There are a couple of different options here, Kathy. There are some really cute flats out right now that are a cross between tennis shoes and loafers and I think those would be perfect with Capri pants for a long day of walking. You could also wear plain tennis shoes, but I wouldn’t wear athletic (running) shoes.

For socks, I would wear either anklets or loafer socks–you don’t want anything that’s going to compete with the hem of your Capri pants (and the point of Capri pants is to show your ankles and lower calves anyway!) The flats described above will give you a stylish edge and set you apart from the typical tourist hordes. Have a wonderful trip, and take lots of pictures–smiling because your feet don’t hurt! 🙂

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I hope that helps.

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