I just bought this really cute short pleated skirt from American Eagle. It is a kind of dark denim with a green wash over it. It has two ties on the side. You can look it up on the American Eagle website if that would help. I need to know what shoes to wear and what top to wear. Thanks so much; it would really help.

If this is your skirt, then you’ve got several options for what to wear with it. I’ll make a couple of suggestions, and you can take it from there. The important thing to remember as you make up additional outfits is to keep the mood casual and kind of flirty, like the skirt.

The first option I’d suggest is a fitted T-shirt in a neutral color like white or black. You might be able to pull off a green one, but be careful to match the tone to the skirt (do it in natural light to be sure). Tucking the T-shirt in will show off the lacing on the side. For shoes, I would wear flat sandals, possibly ones that lace up the ankle and/or tie; this will play off the lacing on the skirt and also keep the mood casual, funky, and fun. I would stay away from tennis shoes unless you want to look like a cheerleader.

The second option is one of the new filmy blouses with lacy detailing; most of them are patterned and have a tank top-style undershirt with a filmy overlay. This you could wear untucked—it would have enough volume to it that the skirt’s lacing wouldn’t make a bulge. Again, I would wear low-heeled or flat sandals with a little more feminine or romantic flair to them. A thong sandal would be really cute.

Have fun wearing your skirt—it’s a great building block for a cute, fun summer wardrobe!

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