I have noticeably yellow undertones, which are quite complex, and black makes me look dead. Most of the classic looks and travel items are black. What is a good substitute color, or what suggestions can you make?

I would try another deep neutral, like chocolate brown, olive green, or possibly camel, for your neutral base color. You might also experiment with deep blues (I’m not sure if navy would have the same effect as black!).

The trick will be to find a color that works for you the way black works for many women and use that as a foundation color the same way black is used. Matching will be a little trickier, but as long as you keep in the same tonal family, you should be in good shape.

You can also use black as a foundation color as long as you keep it away from your face—you can still wear black pants, skirts, etc., and even a black jacket if you wear a scarf or a top with lapels wide enough so that they put some fabric between the collar of the jacket and your face.

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I hope that helps!

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