When you think about prepping for the beach, you think about packing all your beach towels, chairs, an umbrella, the cooler, and everything else on your list. You put on those new swim trunks with that trendy abstract pattern you love and grab whatever pair of sandals you have with sand still on them from last year. You may not think about it, but there are other options for footwear besides sandals.

If you’re looking for the best footwear to wear to the beach and beyond, keep reading for more inspiration besides your worn-out sandals. First, we’ll talk about how to pick a pair and care for them.

Top Footwear for the Beach and Beyond
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How to Pick the Best Shoes for the Beach — If you’re wondering how to pick the best shoes for the beach, there are a couple of different things you’ll want to consider. Many men opt for rubber shoes since it’s one of the most obvious choices for the beach. However, it may not make sense for all beach days if you’re headed straight to the bar or for dinner after the beach. The last thing you want is a pair of sticky and stinky shoes filled with water and sand when you’re at the bar.

It may not make sense to wear canvas sneakers, either. You may want to have one pair of rubber shoes for your daytime at the beach and then another pair of canvas or leather shoes for your post-beach activities. The right kind of beach outfit for men easily pairs with any kind of shoe. Go for stylish trunks and a light polo or button-down shirt.

Taking Care of Your Shoes Beyond the Beach — Depending on what kind of shoes you have, you will need to clean them a bit differently. With rubber shoes, just run them underneath a faucet or spray them off with a hose. When you’re taking a shower, you can wash your rubber shoes at the same time. Keep in mind that most canvas shoes can’t be washed in a washing machine. Shake off any excess sand and give them a rinse in a tub.

As for leather shoes, you’ll want to wipe off any loose sand or debris with a paper or cotton towel first. Then use a soft-bristle brush to scrub the soles of your shoe. You can use a specialized cleansing solution for leather shoes, or you could also use dish soap, but we can’t guarantee what will happen to your shoes if you use household dish soap.

Taking Care of Your Shoes Beyond the Beach
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Top Footwear for the Beach

  1. Chunky Slides — We’re talking about comfort, serious comfort when it comes to chunky slides. They have thicker soles for added comfort. They’re an ideal shoe if you plan on taking a stroll on the sand or along the boardwalk.
  2. Simple Slides — If chunky slides aren’t your thing or if you feel like you just can’t pull that look off, try simple slides instead. They’re meant to be worn the whole summer. Look for details like knitted trimming to upgrade your slides.
  3. Not Your Dad’s Sandals — There comes a point in life where every man wonders if, as he gets excited about trips to Home Depot or booking a tee time at the country club, he’s turning into his old man. The good news is that you don’t have to wear those sad beach sandals like your dad would on family vacations. Likewise, you don’t have to wear that eyesore of some Hawaiian-themed shirt and trunks. There are sandals for the modern man, and there’s also men’s swimwear that’s practical enough for swimming yet stylish enough for wearing beyond the beach. Go for sandals with straps that won’t slip off when they get wet or you’re doing some rigorous water activities.
  4. Modern Flip-Flops — According to Men’s Health, one simple sandal simply won’t do for all of your adventures at the beach. Instead, you’ll want flip-flops with a lightweight feel yet designed with notable durability. Think of plush footbeds to give your foot the arch support you need. With high-quality flip-flops, you’ll be able to wear these modern sandals all day long.
Modern Flip-Flops
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  1. Slip-On Shoes — There are all sorts of shoes that fall into the category of slip-on shoes. You have loafers, and then you have espadrilles. There are sneakers and slippers too. What slip-on shoes are best for the beach? Avoid any canvas slip-ons if you can. They’re nice to look at but complicated to clean after a day at the beach. Opt for slip-on shoes with rubber soles, instead, for easy cleaning after a long day on the sand.
  2. Huaraches — Nothing looks classier than a sturdy pair of huaraches. The best part is that when you’re not lying poolside or getting your tan on at the beach, it’s so easy to transition from men’s swim trunks during the day to your dressier night-out ensemble in the evening. These closed-toe Mexican sandals are a must-have for any cosmopolitan man looking for a more sophisticated look for the beach and beyond. Pair them with jeans, chinos or simply your favorite pair of swim trunks.
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