Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal size chart that all footwear manufacturers abide by. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Have you ever noticed how you’re a size 7 in one brand and an 8 in another? That’s because many footwear manufacturers have their own size charts.

If a brand makes their size chart available, you should always compare your measurements to it, especially if you’re ordering online. If you can’t find a size chart, or if you’re just trying to get a general idea of your shoe size, you can use the chart below to convert the length of your largest foot to an accurate U.S. women’s shoe size.

Measure Your Feet:

Remember, the length of your feet isn’t the only factor to consider when determining your shoe size. Width is also very important. You may have noticed that your shoes don’t quite fit like they should, even though they’re the correct size. Maybe they feel too loose, or maybe they’re so tight that your feet are throbbing by the end of the day.

Figure out your width by measuring your feet. Once you have your width, you can see where your measurement falls on this women’s shoe width chart and buy shoes, narrow or wide, in order to get the most comfortable fit.

The best way to figure out if a pair of shoes fits is by trying them on. If you can’t do that, in cases like online shopping, then your next best option is to measure your feet and compare your size to the charts provided by the manufacturer using the conversion chart below.

Inches to Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart:

InchesU.S. Women’s Shoe Size
8 11⁄165
8 13⁄165.5
9 3/166.5
9 5/167
9 1/27.5
9 11/168
9 13/168.5
10 3/169.5
10 5/1610
10 1/210.5
10 11/1611
10 13/1611.5

Hopefully, having your measurements on hand will make it easier to find a pair of shoes that fit perfectly the first time.

You can also use your accurate new measurements to shop for international shoes. Check out the Women’s International Shoe Size Conversion Chart to shop for shoes from all over the globe.

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