Dozens of models of trendy shoes have found their place in the wardrobe of stylish fashionistas. However, the must-have of any self-respecting lady is high-heeled shoes. They are an important part of many looks, where plays the first role and set the tone.

Each lady chooses what to wear with stilettos, according to the outfits that are in her wardrobe. The classics offer a wide range of options, however, fashion designers refill their collections with various novelties every year. The imagination of stylists gives fashionistas space for experimentation in creating extraordinary looks. Nevertheless, the basic ones in the wardrobe, of course, are black pumps and their versions.

So, here we collected several models, that you should constantly have.

1. Heels

What is the best brand for heels?

There is nothing more popular and desirable for women than the ability to wear elegant heels. The first things the little fashionista’s hands want to reach are her mother’s lipstick and high-heeled shoes.

A high heel has always been a symbol of the owner’s status. They were worn by those who could afford not to go for a long time, but only to walk at meetings and social events.

So, if you are in doubt about what to choose for a special event – confidently Buy Stilettos shoes.

2. Open-toed shoes

Open-toed shoes

Sometimes they are called pip-toe. A funny and slightly playful name for shoes that are designed for not serious events and pleasant company. Weddings, parties in the park or on the beach – these are places where it is appropriate to show off the grace of fingers.

The gradation of the “depth” can be from a modest “French sock”, when the very tips of the fingers are seen, to more open cutouts that almost completely show the toe. This technique adds relaxation and informality even to very strict in the shape shoes or dress.

By the way, this type looks better in a fabric version where you can find more variety in shades. Choose shoes from the palette that fits your color type and feel free to use them in any combination.

3. Small heel

Small heel

Shoes with such a heel look quite unusual, therefore, it is rare. However, this model is at the pick of the fashion now. This is a very good style decision if you want to choose something too light for the event – this heel will add restraint to a dress. By the way, it looks especially elegant on models with a pointed toe and an open heel.

For example, if you want to wear something short, bright, or bold, then little hill will create a balance in your look. A tiny heel is restrained, but at the same time feminine detail that an open outfit needs.

4. Wedge

wedges shoes

Sometimes heels are completely out of place in daily life, but many outfits have still required an accent and an elongated silhouette. In this case, a wedge is a perfect solution. It is much more stable and simple in combinations. Fortunately, designers have noticed our needs and now we can find even sports shoes on the platform. However, the wedges have several important points in combinations.

This is a practical thing, which means that it is not suitable for creating elegant looks. Therefore, the more refined look you are trying to create, the smaller the difference in colors should be, and the smoother and denser the shoe material should be. This applies to any type of heel, but due to the massiveness, with a wedge, the effect is more obvious.

5. Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals

What could be more attractive than an elegant female leg? This part of the body looks very beautiful, and high-heeled sandals will help to emphasize it. Just a few strips of skin — and a completely open foot. At first, you will have to adapt to this model, but very soon you will not want to give up on them. There is no need to say, that in such shoes, your pedicure becomes an independent accessory and should be in harmony with everything else. As for the colors, you can choose classic black and beige as bright red, blue, orange, etc.

6. Boots

High heel boots knee high

Keeping boots in your wardrobe is absolutely necessary, as many looks require suede boots or, in some cases, a model made of smooth leather – it is better suited for wet weather. By the way, it doesn’t matter if you choose boots or half-boots – all of it depends only on your stylistic preferences. So, without heeled boots, it will be difficult to create elegant looks for a cold time.

Comfort and elegance

These are the main criteria while choosing women’s heels. However, it is not necessary to hold a huge variety of them in your wardrobe in order to be ready for every extreme situation. It’s enough just to find several perfect pairs of each type — and you are not afraid of any stylish challenges. So, be stylish every day!

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