There is nothing as bad as getting your high heels wrong. This mistake not only spells doom for your appearance but also means you will be uncomfortable in them. There are several detrimental effects associated with wearing the wrong high heels.

10 tips to look good and comfortable with high heels

As such, it is a priority to get your high heels right. In doing so, you are not only guaranteed to rock the high heels but also look stunning while doing it. Getting your high heels right means elevating your comfort and appearance to a whole new height.

In this post, we discuss ten great tips to ensure you look good and comfortable in your high heels.

Get the size right

High heels, like other shoe types, come in different sizes and fit differently depending on the leg (s). While we often prioritize the appeal and style as guiding factors when choosing high heels, it is necessary to get the shoe size right. Doctors advocate for getting high heels that fit comfortably.

You know that your shoe is snuggling if it holds your foot firmly but gently without you feeling any pain or discomfort. The perfect size is not too loose that it can fall off your leg, and it is not too tight to cause injuries like blisters, ripped toenails or bleeding.

Ensure the high heels provides enough space for your toes

Another significant aspect of high heel comfort to consider is the room for toes in the shoe. While the high heels may fit when you try them on, please remember to feel for spaces to guarantee the comfort of your toes.

Cramped toes in high heels are not only detrimental to your health but also a hindrance to the comfort and stylish look you seek in high heels. Health problems like Arthritis are associated with persistent cramping of toes because of wearing high heels with no room for toes.

Try on the high heels at the shopping malls

Like everything else, trying on high heels for the first time is nostalgic and can often give you a false impression in your desire to get a specific shoe that you love. In such cases, overtime reality catches up with you, and you immediately realize there are aspects of the high heels you may have overlooked. It is why this tip is perhaps the most important despite seeming simple.

Practice walking in them at home

Trying the shoe and walking around in it will enable you to realize possible future problems like blisters developing because of the shoe edge rubbing on your foot. The practice comes in handy for adjusting your body to different surfaces that you may use the shoe on. If you are satisfied with the trial runs at the store and continuous practice at home, then you are ready to try the shoe outside the house without having to worry about balance, support, and comfort.

Practice walking in them at home

Cushioning and sole thickness

Continuously wearing your high heels causes pressure on the ball of your foot. To cushion your foot against this, leading high heels brands, like the Gladiator heels, come with padding and cushioning. When buying your high heels, please check for these aspects. The padding and cushioning go a long way in easing your movement in high heels and enhancing your comfort in them. Using the high heels for a long time affects the padding and cushioning, so you should check for them if you start to feel uncomfortable when using the high heels.

Choose a high heel height you comfortable with

With an array of options ranging from 3cm to 9cm, you must choose a high heel that you are comfortable with wearing. There are several factors to consider, for instance, the type of job, the number of hours you spend on your feet, and the kind of surface you will be walking on. Furthermore, from a health point of view, high heels increase tension in the ankles, knees, and lower back, and this affects your balance. When shopping for high heels, consider leading brands like gladiator heels that recognize this and provide an array of options to accommodate the diverse height demands.


When deciding on what high heels to get, consider the quality of the heel. The quality plays a big part in determining the life span and its adaptability to different seasons. Fashion gurus and experts recommend leather high heels or suede high heels because they are comfortable and durable. Gladiator heels come in leather and suede that is comfortable on the feet, can adjust to accommodate the feet, and prevent chafing of the feet.

Go high heel shoe hunting at the end of the day

Go high heel shoe hunting at the end of the day

Your feet swell at the end of a long day. That is because after running errands or spending time on your feet at an office, they get uncomfortable. At this time, trying out a pair of high heels will probably give you a more realistic idea of how the high heel fits. You are sure to get an honest assessment of the comfort of the high heel. If the shoe fits nicely, then you are guaranteed comfort and style in that high heel.

Get the right outfit to go with the high heels

Part of the appeal of acquiring high heels is the potential to match them to a great outfit and look quintessential in the complete look. If the high heel is beautiful but does not compliment what you are wearing, then it affects the overall class of the shoe that damages your confidence. High heels bring out style, but only if they blend perfectly with the outfit.

Properly store the high heels after use

Comfort and class do not mean having a new pair of high heels. It comes from properly using the pairs of high heels that you have. The best way to guarantee the longevity, quality, comfort, and class of the pairs of high heels you already own is by taking good care of them. Part of this involves cleaning them properly and storing them after use. Doing so minimizes damage and detrimental health effects that may affect your legs and introduce uneasiness.

In conclusion, high heels are essential components for bringing out the best in you. However, you must understand the different aspects of the high heels right to bring out the quintessential essence of these types of shoes.

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