It used to be that when I heard the name “Timberland,” I only thought of boots … that was before I took a good look at Timberland shoes. If you haven’t explored this brand recently, you might still be thinking that all Timberland shoes look like boots – but they don’t. Sporty and rugged, yes, but bootlike – not at all. In fact, Timberland even has ballerina flats. For more surprises and a few classics, check out these top picks in Timberland shoes.

Timberland Shoes & Boots for Women
Photo: Timberland Shoes for Women

Top picks for men, can be viewed here.

1. Timberland Shoes “Winter Park” – Rugged & Cool

As much as I love pretty evening shoes, I also have think-for shoes that are a little on the rugged side. These shoes have waterproof leather uppers, moisture-wicking linings, and a rubber toe cap. I like them for the way they look, but there are loads of comfort features as well.

2. “Baldaci” – Ballet Flats from Timberland

I have to be honest; the last style I expected to find in Timberland’s catalog of shoes was a ballerina flat, but here it is. A sporty, driving-styled ballet flat, but a ballet flat nonetheless. These casual shoes are super cute, and very “now,” featuring soft suede, canvas, or smooth leather uppers. The colors are awesome and include white with red, black, brown, and taupe.

3. “Shertang” – Cute Clogs from Timberland

With suede or leather uppers in shades like red, taupe, black, and brown, these mules feature 1.5″ heels and buckle detailing. Totally casual and comfortable, these shoes will inject a little bit of personality into your day.

4. Timberland Shoes – Adorable Boots “Nellie Premium”

These are so much fun. An adorable boot in pink bubble gum. If you can’t carry-off the pink, definitely check out the dark red.

5. Tall Timberland Boots ’14” Premium’ – Stylish Classics

Here’s the pick you’ve all been waiting for – a Timberland boot. A fabulously tall and stunning, casual boot. These boots have lots of practical features like waterproofing, lug outsoles, and rustproof hardware – but the real treat is the style. Front-lacing and chunky heels make these boots a great and eclectic match with everything from jeans to casual, longer skirts. Pink and brown are the two standards but don’t miss the black version, or the white with black trim.

6. “Sidra Bay” – Thong Timberland Sandals

Perfect with jeans, casual skirts, or shorts, these unique thongs are super-cute and come in lots of great colors. I love the linked leather uppers, and the extra comfort features are an added bonus.

To learn more about Timberland visit their website here.


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