When it comes to shopping, they say that there are clothes addicts, bag snobs, and shoe lovers. All of the groups get excited about their new purchases but a clothing addict doesn’t appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making those leather sandals the way a proper shoe lover does. Shoe lovers are a special tribe who totally relate to Carrie Bradshaw and her unabashed love of footwear. They never think a pair of heels isn’t practical and they will do anything to get their hands on a new pair of gorgeous shoes.

shoe lovers
Signs That You Are Definitely Addicted To Shoes.

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These are the signs that you are definitely addicted to shoes:

1. You would never, ever throw your shoes at the bottom of your closet

You are horrified at the idea. You spent good money on your shoes and you would never toss them on the floor where they can get scuffed and dusty. Your shoes are neatly arranged on the shelf of your closet inboxes. There is a spot for every pair and you have an organization system that rivals the library’s book organizing system.

2. You have an encyclopedic knowledge of styles, prices, and designers

You obviously know the prices and seasons of all your shoes. That’s a given. However, someone could give you any photo of a pair of shoes and you can name the designer, season and an accurate price. If it was a very popular pair, you can even tell people how long the waiting list was.

3. You firmly believe that shoes make or break your outfit

You often build your outfits around your shoes. They are never an afterthought. They have to work with the entire look. You don’t care if someone is wearing $50,000 worth of couture, if they’re wearing fugly shoes, the whole look gets a thumbs down.

4. You do not even want to think about how much you’ve spent on shoes in the past year…or the past month

You do not have a shopping addiction, you just really, really like shoes. You buy them and enjoy them so it’s not like you’re wasting money on them. And as long as your credit card isn’t declined, then you don’t have to worry about the specifics of what your shoe expenses are.

5. You totally related to everything Carrie Bradshaw said about Manolos

Carrie Bradshaw is your spirit animal. Period. You never thought there was someone who appreciated shoes the way you did until you watched Sex And The City. Carrie was totally right about asking for money for her stolen shoes and she could run in heels as well as you.

6. You often carry two pairs of shoes with you, not counting the ones you just purchased

A girl has to have options. You sometimes carry a backup pair of shoes in case the weather turns bad and you don’t want to wreck the good pair you’re wearing. You’ll never forget that time with the sudden downpour and your suede shoes. Your heart breaks just thinking about it.

7. Your dream is to have a closet with shelves for your shoes

What could be better than having a shoe closet? Shoes were made to be admired. You can only wear one pair at a time but if you had a walk-in closet, you could admire your entire collection at once. Plus, if you had a bigger closet, that means you’d have to buy more shoes to fill it up.

8. You would exist on a diet of dried beans so you could afford your dream pair of shoes


A girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do. You don’t consider yourself much of a foodie so a few nights eating whatever is in the back of the cupboard isn’t so bad. Why spend money on food that is going to be down your throat and forgotten about when you can put money towards shoes that you can see in your closet?

9. You have shed a few tears for shoes at least once in your life

Don’t bring up that sample sale in 2009. Just don’t. You get upset just thinking about it. There are times like those when you shed a few tears because you were upset you missed out on a fabulous pair of shoes but you’ve also gotten a bit teary when you’ve seen some out-of-this-world amazing heels.

10. You think that shoe shopping is one of the best forms of therapy

Carrie Bradshaw Shopping

Why spend money on ice cream and cookies and cry in bed when you can go out and do some retail therapy? Buying a new pair of shoes can turn a crappy day into a much better one. When you open that new shoebox, most of your problems are instantly forgotten.

11. You are an expert of reading what a person is like based on their shoes

Forget body language and handwriting. You can tell so much about a person by their shoes. You can do it with movie characters, regular people and even cartoons.

12. You could look at shoes literally all-day

Once you get sucked down that shoe rabbit hole, you aren’t going to be coming out anytime soon. You’ve got to read your style sites, check out if any styles have been marked down on your wishlists and add to your shoe bucket list.

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