While “sexy,” is, of course in the eye of the beholder, and under the right circumstances a pair of loafers could probably be considered sexy, in this particular article when I refer to sexy shoes, I’m talking textbook sexy: platforms, thigh-high boots, stilettos … you know, the kind of shoes you’d wear when you want to get a lot of attention.

Sexy Shoes
Where to Find Hot Deals on Sexy Shoes

If you’re looking for sexy styles that are a little more “mainstream,” then you might want to check out my top picks in Sexy High Heels, or read these tips on Shoes that Make Your Feet Look Sexy.

But if you can take the abuse of ultra-high heels, want to go clubbing in light-up shoes, or shiny is your favorite color, then you’ll love the sexy footwear offered on the following websites.

Snaz75 – Hot Shoes and More

Of all the sites listed here, Snaz75.com is my favorite – not just for their selection of sexy footwear, but also for their choices in goth, funky and punk shoes.

Snaz75 has a huge array of platform shoes and boots, goo boots, clear shoes, and lighted shoes, as well as chunky mary janes and creepers. But, my favorite part of the site by far is the clearance pages, where you can choose your size and find discounted shoes and boots for prices as low as 19.95 (U.S). Snaz75.com is a “must-stop” for anyone shopping for shoes with sex appeal.

Sexyshoes.com – Sexy Footwear and Clear Boots

If stiletto heels, platform shoes, and thigh-high boots are your thing, you’ll love this US-based site. While their prices are much higher than some of the other sites, they have a large selection of extreme, unique, and club footwear, including the “Glacier” boot – a completely clear platform boot in ankle and knee styles.

SexyShoes will ship to several countries and offers free shipping to shoppers in the US.

Exotic Fashion Mall – Wide Range of Light Up Shoes

Looking to light up the dance floor of your favorite club? The Dyeable Shoes Boutique offers a large selection of light-up shoes in a variety of styles including shoes with lights in the straps or in the heels.

Shop by Size, Color, Heel or Style.

This site has all the “come-hither” heels you can handle. For the shopper who likes variety, but lacks patience, the coolest part of this site is the way the shoes and boots are sorted. A simple click will allow you to view only open-toed shoes, while another click will bring up only shoes with 3-inch heels.

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