We’re all guilty of falling for the way shoes look on the shelves, and not necessarily the way they look on our feet.

But take it from one who has learned the hard way, if you want your feet to look as sexy as the shoes they’re wearing, you must find styles that actually flatter your feet.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for shoes that will make your feet look sexy — no matter how ugly you think they are.

Sexy Feet
Sexy Feet – Shoes That Will Make Even the Ugliest of Feet Look Good

Hiding the Flaws of Your Feet

This first rule of finding foot-flattering footwear is a simple one, but it’s often overlooked.

If you hate your toes, opt for pumps with a closed toe, or try a peep-toe pump to see if its less-revealing style covers the parts you hate most.

Rough heels won’t look good in a backless sandal, but there are plenty of shoes with open toes that still cover the back of your feet.

Emphasizing the Good

Rule number two is to emphasize the nice things about your feet. Also an obvious trick, but since we usually tend to focus on what we don’t like, it’s easy to forget what is good about our feet.

A pair of d’Orsay pumps will accentuate the graceful curves of high arches; ankle straps can highlight a shapely ankle; and of course, slides can show off the perfect set of nails.

If you’re still convinced that every aspect of your foot is horrid, then find a pair of sexy pumps that cover as much as possible.

Sexy Feet Need Shoes that Fit

There are no two ways about this one, your shoes must fit if you want your feet to look sexy.

Even the most perfect foot looks awkward if it’s hanging over the edge of its sandal — no matter how hot the sandal in question is.

And a foot that looks as if it’s been crammed into a pump that’s too tight will give the impression that your feet are so big you
can’t find shoes to fit.

The same can be said for ankle straps. If they’re cutting into your skin, loosen them or skip them altogether. They shouldn’t be too loose, but if they’re too tight, they will look as uncomfortable as they feel.

A Bit of Well-Placed Bling is a Good Thing

I apply this theory to all aspects of my life, but it’s especially true with shoes.
And earrings. But this article isn’t about making your ears look sexy.

Nearly every shoe, and thus every foot, can benefit from just a bit of well-placed bling — shoes that look pretty will make ugly feet seem prettier, and pretty feet look gorgeous.

There’s no need to be a loose cannon about it — a hint of sparkly hardware, a crystal stud or two, or even a few metallic threads woven into the upper of a shoe will add glamor and sex appeal to your outfit, and when combined with the rules above, will help to make your feet look sexy too.

Beautiful Heels = Beautiful Feet

For those who can’t or don’t wear high heels, I’m sorry to report that shoes with heels actually will make your feet look sexier.

That’s not to say that feet can’t look sexy in flats — they can.

But if you’re going to wear flats and you want your feet to look sexy, the shoes themselves absolutely must be on the pretty side — read: rubber clogs aren’t sexy.

Look for ballet flats, feminine patterns, and flat sandals with thin straps.

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