Women’s Sandals for less than $20.

While it’s pretty easy to pick up a pair of cheap flip-flops, it can be a bit more difficult to find affordable sandals that aren’t made of rubber or plastic. And since sandals are practically a summer essential, there’s a lot of demand for casual, and even dressier, women’s styles that don’t cost a fortune. Check out these sandals under $20 and cheap boots for women under 20 dollars below.

Sandals Under $20
Stylish Summer Sandals Under $20

So, I set out to build a list of online shoe stores that offer cute sandals at bargain-basement prices — and I’m happy to report that there are several such sites worth mentioning. Not surprisingly, this list is comprised of many of the same sites that have appeared on my other budget lists, like Where to Find sandals under $20; Top Sites for Discount Shoes; and Boots for Less — but there are a few newcomers, and I’ve included sandal-specific notes on each.

Enough with the small talk, let’s get to some web shopping for sandals on the cheap.

ShiekhShoes.com – Loads of Sandals under $20

Brace yourself before checking out this site. Seriously, they have a huge selection of sandals for less than $20 per pair. In fact, while I was researching this article, I found more than one thousand styles of women’s sandals marked less than $20, including those on sale, and some regularly-priced styles.

Sandals under $20
Image: ShiekhShoes.com

This site does offer shoes and sandals from some popular brand names like Chinese Laundry, Diesel, Steve Madden, Adidas, etc. — as well as popular bargain brands, like Soda, Bamboo, Mixx. The vast majority of styles making up the “under $20” collection are from those budget brands, as well as from Shiekh Shoes’ own label, but among them, there’s a peppering of bigger brand names substantially marked-down as well.

In addition to the “sandals” department, you’ll also want to check women’s “dress shoes” for heeled and platform sandals.

GoJane.com – Cute and Trendy Sandals under $20

You won’t find big brand names, athletic sandals, or designer labels here, but if cute, trendy, and cheap boots for women under 20 dollars are what you’re looking for, then GoJane.com is a definite must-stop. Not because they have the biggest selection — at the time of this article there were about 150 styles of flat sandals available — but because you’re likely to want nearly every pair they do have. And, since 99% of what is available is under $30, and the majority is under $20, it’s the perfect site for those who are budget- and style-conscious.

Trendy Sandals under $20
Image: ShiekhShoes.com

One quick note on browsing GoJane.com: their “sandals” category typically only lists flat sandals, like thongs, slides, and a pair or two of flip-flops. But, if you also search their “heels” department, you’ll find lots of high-heeled sandals with prices that are every bit as enticing.

6pm.com – Brand Name Sandals at Bargain Prices

Next up is one of my favorite bargain shoe sites around 6pm.com. On any given day, you can easily find a couple of hundred styles for less than $20, and if you up to your allowance to $25 or $30, then you can really strike gold. There’s a huge variety of brands, designers, and styles, including flat thong sandals, flip-flops, high-heeled sandals, and everything in between.

Brand Name Sandals
Image: 6pm.com

But, whatever style you’re looking for and however much you’re able to spend, the best deals can be found by watching their daily and weekend specials. For example, if you happen to be shopping on a day when a reasonably-priced brand is featured, then you can really clean up by taking up to 70% off — which means, you could score a pair of sandals that are regularly priced at nearly $70 for right around $20 per pair.

Bargain-Priced Sandals in Lots of Styles

Amazon.com - Sandals
Image: Amazon.com

In addition to carrying lots of major brand names, Amazon.com also offers a lot of style variety. For example, if you need comfort or athletic sandals that you can’t find at some of the other sites I’ve mentioned, you should certainly give them a look. But, don’t be fooled, even though they do carry some practical styles, there’s still plenty of trendy and cute sandals as well — and at the time this article was written, I found more than 400 women’s styles for $20 or less.

Other Sites worth Checking for Affordable Sandals for Cheap Boots For Women Under 20 Dollars

I’ve listed my big three above, but there are also a few other shoe sites worth mentioning. Their selection may not be as big, or their prices may not be quite as low, but if you’re on a mission for that perfect pair of sandals at the ideal price, then you may want to give the following retailers a look as well.


Super-stylish options in sandals as well as other footwear, great brands, and some really great prices too. And, though most of them are over $20, there are a few really low-priced gems in the mix.


This site just came onto my radar, and they have insanely low prices on sandals (often under $10), as well as flats, heels, and clothing. In fact, I always get a bit distracted when I visit, because I can’t stop looking at the prices on… well, everything. Their selection of flat sandals is small but cute, and their “heels” department is home to low-priced sexy and boutique sandals, also at crazy-low prices.


This site carries lots of affordable sandals, including cute flats, as well as really over-the-top heeled sandals (hence the “clubwear” part of their name). I found several pairs of awesome and versatile thong sandals priced under $20 in the “sandals” department, and a quick tour of their “heels” category revealed loads of platform and crazy-high-heeled sandals for less than two tenners.


Every bargain shoe shopper knows about eBay, but if you haven’t checked them lately you may want to give them another look. In addition to low, everyday prices, they have frequent sales, and their designers-for-eBay lines have produced some really killer styles.


I tend to find the best DSW deals in-store, but again, if you’re on the hunt, you’ll want to check them out online as well. Rewards members can often save extra, and their clearance section has produced some of the best footwear finds around.

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