Cute Pastel Flats To Wear This Spring

Spring is finally here, and you know what means: it’s time to banish your boots to the back of your closet and pull out the flats you’ve been waiting to wear since last fall. Given that most of us spend the winter months wearing some variation of a black or brown boot, it’s always fun to go a little crazy with colorful footwear in the spring. To help you get started on this year’s spring footwear collection, we’ve rounded up 20 pairs of the cutest pastel flats on the market.

1. Aldo Deason Flats, $55

Aldo Deason Flats

These embellished flats are the pair that Carrie Bradshaw would reach for if she ever got sick of wearing stilettos.

2. ASOS Pointed Double-Strap Ballet Flats, $40

ASOS Pointed Double-Strap Ballet Flat

I am totally in love with these lavender flats from ASOS. The double ankle strap is a unique touch, and the color is so pretty.

3. Sam Edelman Spearmint Suede Loafers, $59.99

Sam Edelman Spearmint Suede Loafers

These loafers are perfect for the girl who wants to give herself an extra inch of height without compromising on style or comfort.

4. J. Crew Crackled Leather D’Orsay Flats, $158.00

J. Crew Crackled Leather D'Orsay Flats

Full disclosure: these are my favorite flats on the entire list. I know I should have saved them for the grand finale, but I couldn’t help myself. I love the crackle effect–remember when this look was all the rage for your nails?–and the color is to die for.

5. Joe’s Jeans Lime Flats, $59.99

Joe's Jeans Lime Flats

Fool everyone into believing you’re wearing Louboutins with these red-soled mint green flats.

6. ASOS New Look Liquorice Two Part Color Block Flats, $32

ASOS New Look Liquorice Two Part Color Block Flats

These are my second favorite pair of flats on the list. Who knew I was such a sucker for an ankle strap? Anyway, I’m into these D’Orsay flats from ASOS because they remind me of cotton candy and Easter and jelly beans, so what’s not to love?

7. Anthropologie Raphaella Booz Alamosa Skimmers, $118

Anthropologie Raphaella Booz Alamosa Skimmers

Why, hello there, work of art in shoe form!

8. H&M Floral Ballet Flats$12.95

H&M Floral Ballet Flats

Speaking of works of art, these pretty floral flats from H&M would qualify, too.

9. Topshop Volt Slingback Flats, $30

Topshop Volt Slingback Flats

I feel like these are the shoes that an off-duty ballerina would reach for. Given that I have always wanted to be a prima ballerina, I should probably buy these slingbacks–it’s the closest I’ll ever get to Black Swan fame, you know?

10. Topshop Seol Flatform Shoes, $55

Topshop Seol Flatform Shoes

These flatforms make me want to throw out all of my black clothes, dye my hair robin’s egg blue, and move to Florida. Like, I want to spend the rest of my life just wandering around outlet malls in Florida while wearing these shoes.

11. Ted Baker Issan Jelly Flat (Nordstrom, $85)

Ted Baker Issan Jelly Flat

Although spring is undoubtedly the best time of the year (that’s a fact, not an opinion, my friends), there is one downside to the season: it rains. A lot. These Ted Baker flats will keep your feet relatively dry in a light drizzle.

12. ASOS Libbie Slipper Ballet Flats, $33

ASOS Libbie Slipper Ballet Flats

These slippers are for you elegant ladies only. I do not count myself among your ranks, but can I still buy these shoes?

13. ASOS New Look Klub Mint Tassel Patent Flat, $45

ASOS New Look Klub Mint Tassel Patent Flat

Can’t you just picture Scott Disick wearing these mint green loafers? If you’ve ever wanted to look like the Lord–and who are we kidding, we all have–then these are the spring shoes for you.

14. Marc by Marc Jacobs Punk Mouse Ballerina Flats (Shopbop, $248)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Punk Mouse Ballerina Flats

OK, so I know these flats are ridiculously expensive and kind of insane, but I really couldn’t leave them off of the list. If you’ve ever wanted to be a badass mouse, here’s your chance!

15. Charlotte Russe Studded Floral Flats, $25.99

Charlotte Russe Studded Floral Flats

And for you badass ladies on a budget, I present these much more affordable studded floral flats.

16. Nine West Deputy Flats (Zappos, $69)

Nine West Deputy Flats

These are another one of my faves on the list. I’d wear these flats on days when my outfit is in serious need of a pop of color. (And considering that I wear a hell of a lot of blacks, I need all the help I can get in the color department.)

17. Sanuk Yoga Eve Ballet Flats (Zappos, $60)

Sanuk Yoga Eve Ballet Flats

Who knew that peach and gray could look so nice together? I love the polka dots on the heel, too.

18. H&M Light Blue Flats, $14.95

H&M Light Blue Flats

That color is to die for, don’t you think? And for $14, what’s not to love?

19. Call It Spring Chaella Flats, $29.99

Call It Spring Chaella Flats

The best part about these simple yellow flats is the tiny zipper detail in the back. Click here to check out a picture of the heel. Oh, and I should mention that these shoes come in 12 different colors, so if you like the zipper but loathe the yellow, you’re in luck.

20. Call It Spring Treggio Flats, $29.98

Call It Spring Treggio Flats

I’ve never seen a design like this before, so these Call It Spring flats get top marks for originality.

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