If just saying the word “mules” makes you cringe, maybe this isn’t the best thing to read.

Mules are the popular shoe for the fall and spring seasons. This spring, there are many stylish mules to choose from, such as the Clover Mules by Matisse, or the Ferrara Avtr Clogs by Spring Step. Many of these mules are under $150 and comfortable to walk in.

Ever since I saw them on every street style star this Fashion Month, the thought has planted its seed in the back of my mind that hey, maybe I could totally pull them off. Then, Kristyn basically forcibly grabbed that thought and pulled in into the place where it’s been constantly nagging me for the last few weeks by telling me that as an Aries, I should really try them out. So, here we are. It’s not a place I ever thought I’d be, but hey, I thought culottes looked like you shrunk your trousers in the wash and still tried to wear them until I gave them a shot. So, until I prove myself wrong, I’m going to show you some kind of cool options to try for Spring. Take that for what you will.

The return of the mule

The one style that has become an enduring footprint of the Sex and the City legacy is undoubtedly the mule. The mule has been gradually tiptoeing its way back into fashion for the past few seasons, with a deluge of new incarnations flooding the runways for spring.

For his last show at Rochas, Marco Zanini covered high-heeled slip-ons with fluttering marabou feathers. Joseph Altuzarra showed his collection with practical closed-toe variations—as did Victoria Beckham. Get inspired and feel the Carrie within you!

Here are 9 pairs of mules that I honestly think you should at least give a chance. I dare ya.

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Clover Mules (Matisse, $125)

Clover Mules

This is the classic shape I think of when I think of mules. It’s a slightly western feeling and is very vintage-influenced. Proceed with caution when pairing with denim.

Leather Sandals

While yes, these are labeled as sandals, they are, in fact, in the mule style. They’re definitely a little more accessible for the mule-wary people out there (read: pretty much everyone).

Pointed Flat Fashion Mule (Old Navy, $24)

Pointed Flat Fashion Mule

I just want to point out that these very expensive-looking, very high-fashion mules are, in fact, from Old Navy. Color me surprised.

Mules with Block Heel (H&M, $30)

Mules with Block Heel

If you haven’t seen this style on, well, basically everyone, you aren’t paying attention. This super-’90s style shoe has been everywhere this season, and it’s here to stay. Skip the expensive brands and go for this affordable pair from H&M if you’re feeling feisty enough to try them out.

Sol Sana Deon Leather Mule (Nasty Gal, $150)

Sol Sana Deon Leather Mule

Okay, so these are a bit out there, but I really like the idea of a bright shoe for spring. And since these mules have much more skin showing than a typical heeled slide, they feel just the right about of ’90s-inspired. And like the title says, this is a dare. Why not go all out?

Dolce Vita Tia Mule Slide Flats (Bloomingdale’s, $130)

Dolce Vita Tia Mule Slide Flats

I love these so much I want to marry them. Give me a maroon-brown colored shoe any day, but added a scalloped edge? Now you’re just playing with my heartstrings.

Steve Madden Women’s Nolla Mules (Macy’s, $119)

Steve Madden Womens Nolla Mules

Now, these I can get behind 100%, and if you can’t, you need to get your eyes checked. Ignore the fact that these say “mules” and look at them being really comfy, open-toe booties that just so happen not to have a back. It’s like a room with a view, but for your heel.

Camper ‘TWS’ Mule Flat (Nordstrom, $184.95)

Camper ‘TWS' Mule Flat

Another kind of dare with the color (they do come in black, but that isn’t any fun), these flat mules are basically half a really good pair of loafers.

Seychelles Detour Mules (Anthropologie, $110)

Seychelles Detour Mules

Alright, I’ll finish off with a pair of very cute, very accessible mules that are really just super-cute cutout sandals. I dare you to find something wrong with these!

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