One of the best things about cooler weather is the appearance of women’s knee-high boots.

With a multitude of attributes, boots that hit right at, slightly above, or just below the knee can make big calves appear slimmer; cover lower leg flaws; and keep your legs warm, all while looking incredibly chic. In short, they’re extremely flattering, very practical, and incredibly stylish. On top of all that, they can be paired with everything from jeans to dresses, so they’re one of the most versatile items you could have in your wardrobe.

Knee High Boots
The Flattering Ways of Knee High Boots: Boots, like these, that hit right around knee-height are one of the most flattering items you can own — and if the style is simple enough, they can be worn with a variety of casual and dressy outfits.

When worn with a longer skirt, knee-high boots have a romantic and feminine effect, and when paired with knee-length or shorter skirts, they’re decidedly sexy and sophisticated.

You can tuck jeans, leggings, or tights into them, and a single, simple pair can go casual or dressy.

The only real problem with knee-high boots is finding the right pair to suit your legs and body type. Fortunately, there are lots of options.

Knee High Boots for Larger Legs

Women with larger legs who find it difficult to find a boot to fit should look for a pair of stretch boots.

Ideally, you’ll find a pair that has at least a partial zipper. But, you may end up with a pair of pull-on boots, and if you’re not accustomed to them, they might seem difficult to put on at first. The trick is scrunching down the shaft like you would a stocking, and inserting your foot into the boot, then pulling the shaft up over your calf.

Chunkier heels are good for heavier legs as they can make your leg appear slimmer; and the simplest styles — especially in black or other dark colors — also have a leg-lengthening and slimming effect.

The Right Knee-Highs for Thinner Legs

Women with skinny ankles or calves will probably prefer a boot with a bit of structure or bulk to it — something that will “stand up” on its own.
Let’s face it, the last thing anyone wants is a pair of boots gathering around their ankles.

Western, riding, grunge or utilitarian, and slouch boots (those that are intentionally “slouchy”) are also good choices, but if you’re not going with flats, look for boots with a slender heel, as heavy heels can make your legs look even thinner.

Tips for Choosing and Wearing Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots with a bit of a dress heel can go effortlessly from the office to dinner; and tall, flat boots work well with casual skirts and dresses, as well as some slightly dressier outfits. The key to finding the most versatile pair is to find the simplest pair, so if you want to get the most bang for your buck, look for styles that are free of trendy or strong details, like fringe, studs, or decorative stitching.

Remember if you’re going to tuck jeans into your boots, you’ll want jeans with skinny legs to avoid the “ballooning” effect.

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