While some people see shoes as nothing more than a practical part of their outfit, thousands upon thousands of shoe lovers and branded clothing fans out there disagree. A good shoe, especially from a major brand or product line, can be the cornerstone of your style.

However, like any product with value attached to it, fakes are always a risk. While some extremely good forgeries might be able to pass for the real deal, there are always ways to tell – and you do not want to be building your entire wardrobe around a fake piece of fashion.

Thankfully, luxury shoe authentication services exist that make the process of checking their authenticity incredibly easy. But why would you use these services in the first place, and what is the issue with fakes that can pass as the real thing?

Why do I need my shoes authenticated?

Authentication services help check your shoes and make sure they are not knockoffs, imitations, or fakes. If you own a pair of luxury shoes, especially from a limited edition run, then you need to be careful: there could be more fakes on the market than there are real shoes from that line.

But why would this matter? Regardless of whether you care about fashion specifically or are just there for the brand name and the status that it carries, you will want to stick to the real deal. Even a fake that looks identical to a genuine shoe can be a problem in other ways.

For one thing, fakes tend to be made cheaper to maximize the manufacturer’s profit. This means using cheaper materials that will not last as long or provide the same quality of comfort and support. Beyond that, a shoe might be missing distinctive features, like supportive insoles or special breathable mesh technologies.

On top of all that, some fakes are not even made of the same materials as the original shoes. This means that you are probably buying something fundamentally different from what you expected – and even if it looks the same, it might not last as long or protect and comfort your feet in the way that it is supposed to.

If you are mostly there for the status and style, a fake can also have flaws that will eventually expose it as a forgery. If you are relying heavily on the brand’s name and its prestige to show off, then you are probably going to want to have genuine shoes: it only takes one error to make everybody else aware that you are wearing fakes.

How can I get my shoes authenticated?

Online luxury shoe authentication services are a fantastic way to authenticate your shoes, especially if you turn to expert shoe authenticators. These services allow you to get your brand-name shoes verified as genuine parts of that line, removing any doubts about a recent purchase or bargain find.

Different services offer different arrangements for handling the process, but many of them are open to a wide range of shoe brands. Some even provide refunds if they make an incorrect judgment and can issue certificates of authenticity to prove that they are the real deal.

If you want to get your shoes authenticated, do not hesitate to contact some of these services. The sooner you can prove they are real, the sooner you will have peace of mind about a major part of your fashion style.

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