Mary Janes are Lolitas’ signature shoe. Three characteristics define a Lolita shoe: rounded toes, thick heels, and platforms. Flats Lolita shoes are also available if heels are not your style. Angelic Pretty’s Tea Party flats are very popular. Lolitas also wear a special platform shoe type known as Rocking Horse Shoes. You can wear Gyaru shoes, tennis shoes, laced boots, Victorian-style shoes, gothic platform boots, and rubber boots with Lolita.

Casual Lolita Shoes

What types of Lolita shoes are classified?

Though we all know that Lolita shoes are cute little Mary Janes, not all of us (a minority at large, but still) are aware that there are multiple options for footwear. Most of these styles are Lolita already, but many appear under normal circumstances but are not Lolita. Here are a few basic styles:

Lolita Mary Jane Shoes

1. Mary-Jane

These Lolita-styled shoes are called Mary-Janes. These typically have a low heel and a buckled strap across the instep.

Variations include wedges and higher heels. Most Lolita retailers carry Mary-Janes, which sells shoes (even if the straps are not across the instep).


They look like Mary Janes, but they are deceiving! Although straps across their ankles characterize them, their names vary from place to place (most are Mary-Jane shoes, pumps, etc.) To me, they look like Sailor Venus’ shoes.

Gothic Lolita Boots


Most of them have a sweet or Victorian flavor to them. Although some cute anklets are now available, the length is normally knee to mid-calf. Sometimes, the fit is less snug, and they resemble wellies in terms of heels, lace-ups, or buckles. Similarly, steampunk-eque Victorian-style boots can also be classified as Lolita.

Lolitas also wear other kinds of shoes that aren’t necessarily staples but are sometimes made by Lolita-friendly brands.


Imitations of Vivienne Westwood’s design are numerous, especially in the Japan community, where they were embraced by the Punk community and Lolita alike. They are not necessarily inferior in quality but are made in various materials, including traditional wood and rubber, and foam. A rocking shoe platform usually measures 4-6 cm (1.6-2.4 inches). Also, they come in various styles, including ribbons attached to the heels and toes, lace-up ribbons, boot-style, “golf-style,” and creeper-style, among others.

Zipper Wedge Sandals


The Lolita community has adopted punk-style shoes via Punk and Industrial styles. Shoes of this type can include creepers, combat boots, chunky buckled boots (a la Koji Kuga), and thick-soled shoes. It’s not recommended to wear them with sweet and classic styles, even though they’re good with a PunkLolita or IndustrialGothLolita look.


Both open-toed and ballet flat shoes can be considered Lolita within the same context. Many major Lolita retailers sell shoes within these stilettos. In any case, the line between Lolita and non-Lolita remains undefined. Most of the time, they are the same shoes, sometimes with a Lolita touch, and they are made of leather or leather-like material. Check this list of guidelines for what is generally accepted and unaccepted in a Lolita shoe if you are confused. The Classic style and Sweet style can usually handle these quite well.


Lolita shoes are very important accessories in lolita style, not having shoes that match your lolita style will crippling your overall style. Now you know what types of Lolita shoes are trending right? I hope my article can help you feel the unique charm of Lolita!

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