Hey, Dudes is a trendy brand of casual shoes known for their ultra-light material and comfort. With various designs and styles, these shoes are perfect for casual outings or indoor use. Each of the designs, styles, and colors has been carefully chosen to ensure that every individual can find a pair of Hey Dudes shoes that perfectly suits their personality. But, with frequent use, they require a proper cleaning routine to maintain their original charm and comfort. Many owners might find themselves wondering about the best way to maintain their Hey Dudes. It’s not that complex, but it does require a routine to ensure that the shoes stay fresh and clean.

Why does proper cleaning matter?

Improperly washing your Hey Dudes can lead to faded colors and damaged material and can reduce the lifespan of your favorite pair. Proper cleaning not only protects their design but also increases their durability.

In addition, improper washing can create a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs, which leads to unpleasant foot conditions such as hammer toe and toenail fungus. Keeping your shoes clean and dry helps reduce the risk of infections and promotes overall foot hygiene.

Points to know before washing your Hey Dudes

Before jumping into the washing process, keep in mind a few things:

Removing Laces and Insoles: 

Insoles and laces should be removed and washed separately to prevent deformation and tangling. It helps with cleaning and prevents damage during the washing process. You can easily pull out the laces gently from each pore, one by one. To take out the insoles, just lift them from the shoe. If you find them dirty, gently scrub them with a soft brush to remove the dirt. Then rinse them a few times in warm water and let them dry.

Brushing Off the Dirt: 

You can brush off the dirt if needed. For that, use a simple brush and scrub it all over the shoe. until the dry dirt spots are thoroughly removed. This small step can save your washing machine from creating such a mess.

Correct ways to wash Hey Dudes

The correct procedure to wash your Hey Dudes shoes isn’t as complicated as it might seem. You can ensure they stay in the best condition possible by either hand washing or even using your washing machine.

Correct ways to wash Hey Dudes

Hand washing: 

Preparing a suitable cleaning solution is the first step in hand washing your Hey Dudes shoes. Take a large bucket and fill it up with warm water then add a mild detergent. The next step is the actual cleaning process, which requires submerging your Hey Dudes in the prepared solution. It’s highly recommended to use a soft brush or cloth during this process. Once you’ve ensured that the shoes are clean, thoroughly rinse them under running water. The final step is to gently dry the shoes using a towel. Rather than leaving your Hey Dudes to air dry, patting them dry ensures that no watermarks or stains are left on the surface, giving your shoes a fresh and new look every time.

Machine washing: 

Machine washing is all about placing your shoes in a laundry bag, this additional layer provides an extra shield during the washing process. Then, set a gentle cycle setting on your washing machine. Remember, use cold water to maintain the fabric’s quality. Make sure you use a mild detergent, as this combination helps to clean your Hey Dudes shoes without being harsh on the fabric. 

Drying procedure

After you’ve finished washing your Hey Dudes, it’s important to properly dry them to keep them in great shape. Do not attempt to speed up this process by placing them near a heater or using a hairdryer, as direct heat can damage the material. Also, don’t expose them to direct sunlight. Instead, leave them in a well-ventilated area. Once they are thoroughly dry, fasten your laces and reinsert the insoles.

After washing care tips 

Once your Hey Dudes have gone through their cleaning process, we must give them suitable care after cleaning. The next step is to maintain their look and durability. After washing, never put your Hey Dudes in a machine dryer. The high heat can damage the materials. Instead, the best way to dry your Hey Dudes is by letting them air dry naturally. Place them in a ventilated area away from direct sunlight. This will help in maintaining the colour and structure. Find out more detailed ways to thoroughly wash your Hey Dudes 


Maintaining your Hey Dudes makes their lifespan prolonged and keeps them as comfortable as your first wear. No matter whether you prefer hand or machine washing, what matters is to keep your Hey Dudes fresh and clean.

Remember to wash them regularly to keep them in their best condition by following the correct steps to wash your Hey Dudes, so you may continue to enjoy their comfort zone and feel the freshness.


Q: What happens if I don’t remove the insoles and laces before washing?

Ans:  If you don’t remove the insoles and laces before washing your Hey Dudes, it could lead to them becoming deformed or damaged. Further, the laces can become tangled or knotted, and the insoles may not get thoroughly cleaned.

Q: What precautions should I take while brushing the exterior of Hey Dudes?

Ans: When brushing the exterior of your Hey Dudes, you should be gentle to avoid harming the material. Use a soft-bristled brush and clean in a circular motion. This method will help remove any dirt without causing scratches or damage to the shoes.

Q: Do I need any special type of soap or detergent to wash my Hey Dudes?

Ans: Not particularly. Regular, mild detergent should work just fine for cleaning your Hey Dudes. Harsh chemicals can damage the fabric of the shoes.

Q: Can Hey Dudes be machine washed or should they be washed by hand only?

Ans: When it comes to washing your Hey Dudes, both hand and machine washing are suitable options.

Q: Is it necessary to let my shoes air dry, or can I instead use a hair dryer as well?

Ans: While using a hair dryer may seem like a quick method, it is not recommended for Hey Dudes. The heat from a hair dryer can shrink the materials of your shoes. Instead, allowing them to air dry naturally is the best method. 

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