If you’ve got a purple dress hanging in your closet and you’re puzzling over what color shoes to pair with it, you’re in luck. Purple dresses are the new “it” thing, totally stealing the spotlight from blush pink. Whether your dress is a deep eggplant or a soft lilac, the right shoes can seriously take your outfit to the next level. Let’s dive into the 10 coolest shoe colors to wear with a purple dress in 2024—because we all want to step out looking utterly fabulous, right?

Deciding what color shoes to wear with a purple dress can make a big difference in your outfit, whether you’re off to a fancy do or just hanging out casually. In 2024, the top picks range from timeless and neutral to bold and daring.

Go for nude to elongate your legs and keep the focus on your dress, or silver for a bit of sparkle. A matching purple shoe keeps things trendy, while off-white and cream offer a gentle contrast. Gold shoes add a dash of luxury, perfect for special occasions, and black is always a sophisticated choice. White shoes are great for a summery vibe, navy blue brings depth, blush pink adds a delicate touch, and metallic bronze is uniquely eye-catching.

With such a variety, you’re sure to find the perfect shoe color to complement your purple dress for any event.

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1. Black Shoes

Woman in a whimsical purple ruffled dress paired with classic black stilettos stepping out in style on city steps."
A swirl of purple paired with classic black heels for an effortlessly elegant statement.

Starting with the basics, black shoes are your go-to. They’re like that best friend who never lets you down, offering a sleek and sophisticated vibe that works for any occasion. Think of adding a black purse to the mix, and voila, elegance personified!

2. Beige or Blush Shoes

Chic fashionista showcases three elegant purple dresses, accessorizing with beige and blush shoes for a perfectly coordinated look.
Lavish in lavender: Elevate with beige or blush for a subtle, stylish ensemble.

Now, if you’re aiming for elegance, beige or blush shoes are your secret weapon. These soft, neutral tones make your purple dress pop without stealing the show. A purse in silver, beige, blush, or even black can tie your whole look together like a beautiful bow.

3. Clear Heels

Trendsetting clear heels complement a whimsical purple ruffled dress, perfect for a bold fashion statement.
Transparent charm: These clear heels are a whimsical match for a ruffled purple dress.

For a dose of fun and trendiness, clear heels are where it’s at. They’re like the chameleons of the shoe world, blending perfectly with anything from a minimalist to a frilly purple dress. Pair these with a transparent clutch or a purse in a grounding color to nail the look.

4. Gold Shoes

Elegant gold high heels add a touch of luxury to a royal purple midi dress, ideal for a chic event or wedding.
Gold heels add a luxe touch to this royal purple dress’s elegant sway.

Feeling a bit fancy? Gold shoes have got your back, adding that luxurious sparkle that makes your purple dress ensemble stand out. Ideal for formal events where you really want to shine—literally. Gold jewelry and a matching clutch will have you looking like royalty.

5. White Shoes

Chic white ankle-strap heels with elegant lace detailing, perfectly complementing a vibrant purple flared dress.
Chic white heels with delicate lace bring a fresh twist to this flowy lavender dress.

For something fresh and crisp, white shoes are a breath of fresh air. They create a stunning contrast with purple, giving off a clean and polished look perfect for sunny days. Spice it up with a brightly colored purse or keep it classy with metallic accessories.

6. Silver Shoes

Glittering silver pumps with intricate bejeweled patterns, paired with a flowing lavender dress for an elegant look.
Dazzle from heel to toe with silver gem-encrusted pumps paired with a lilac gown.

Silver shoes are your versatile buddies, offering a touch of elegance that complements any shade of purple. They’re like the cool, sophisticated friend who knows how to dress for every occasion. Silver bling and a matching clutch? Chef’s kiss.

7. Navy Shoes

Elegant monochrome style with deep purple dress and matching navy blue heels for a sophisticated look.
Match your steps to your style with chic navy blue heels under a swaying purple dress.

Surprise, surprise—navy shoes are unexpectedly awesome with purple dresses. They provide a subtle, stylish contrast that’s both unique and understated. Add a white handbag and some gold jewelry, and you’re good to go.

8. Bright Yellow Shoes

Elegant purple midi dress complemented by vibrant yellow heels with bow detailing, perfect for a bold fashion statement.
Vibrant yellow heels perfectly contrast a chic purple jumpsuit for a standout look.

For the bold and the brave, bright yellow shoes with a purple dress is a show-stopping combo. The vibrant yellow against jewel-toned purple is nothing short of stunning, perfect for making a statement from day to night.

9. Grey Shoes

Lavender flowy dress paired with embellished light grey ankle-strap heels for a romantic and chic outfit.
Graceful grey heels add a dash of sophistication to a flowy lavender gown.

Grey shoes? Absolutely! They’re like the cool, understated friend that gets along with everyone. Pairing grey shoes with a purple dress is a genius move because they offer just the right amount of contrast, whether your dress is a soft lavender or a deep violet. Plus, they’re super flexible – dress ’em up for a fancy do, or keep it casual for a laid-back vibe.

10. Yellow Shoes

Stunning runway look featuring sheer purple dress with golden embroidery paired with mustard yellow pointed-toe heels.
Ornate yellow heels add a golden touch to a lavender dress with delicate beading.

Now, if you’re looking to turn heads, yellow shoes with a purple dress is your go-to. It’s like bringing a ray of sunshine to your outfit! Yellow against purple isn’t just a contrast; it’s a statement. Whether you’re stepping out in the daytime or dancing the night away, yellow shoes will definitely add that wow factor.

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Perfect Shoe Colors to Complement Your Eggplant Purple Dress

Perfect Shoe Colors to Complement Your Eggplant Purple Dress

Choosing the right shoe color to go with a purple dress isn’t just about matching—it’s about making sure your outfit brings out the best in you! This is where the idea of dressing for your Color Code comes into play. It’s all about crafting a look that highlights your natural beauty, ensuring that you shine brighter than your outfit.

So, what’s this Color Code thing? Imagine it as a personalized guide to your best colors and contrasts, taking into account things like which neutrals work best for you, your most flattering colors, the level of contrast that suits you best, and even choosing shoe colors that complement your hair.

For example, if you’re a “Light” Color Code, you’d look amazing in soft pastels and light-colored shoes. On the other hand, if your Color Code is “Deep,” you’re more suited to rich, dark colors like deep browns or blacks, and choosing shoes that match your hair color could be a game-changer. “Soft” Color Codes should lean towards muted, medium tones with shoes to match, while “Clear” Color Codes can rock bold, high-contrast looks with vibrant shoes. If you’re in the “Warm” category, think about cozy earth tones for your shoes, like rust or pumpkin. And for those with a “Cool” Color Code, purples and grays are your friends, especially when paired with gray boots.

By considering these Color Code tips when selecting shoe colors for your purple dress, you can create an outfit that not only looks great but also feels perfectly “you.” It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty and making sure your personal style shines through.

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Final Thoughts

When deciding what color shoes to wear with your purple dress, think about where you’re headed, the particular purple hue of your dress, and what feels like “you.” And don’t forget to accessorize! Play around with colors and metals that complement your whole look to perfection.

Choosing the right shoe color for your purple dress is all about matching (or contrasting) it in a way that reflects your personal style and the vibe of the event you’re attending. Whether you play it safe with black or go bold with yellow, the perfect shoes can elevate your purple dress from “nice” to “wow!” So go ahead, pick your pair, and strut your stuff with confidence.

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