The big day is supposed to be the perfect day of every bride’s life. They want everything from a single pin in their hair to the tip of their toe to embody perfection, taste, and elegance. Although usually, it’s the dress that gets all the attention and hype, many other elements also go into completing the entire style! One of those important elements is shoes. Yes, shoes! Since Cinderella found true love because of a glass slipper she left behind, every bride wants to fit their feet into that perfect shoe that will complete their fairytale wedding. So, if you want to walk down the aisle with confidence, comfort, and a shine in your eyes, consider the following tips for landing the best bridal footwear!

1. Decide what heel height you want:

The heel is the first thing we probably note about the shoe we want to buy. Every bride is different, and going for the right height is essential for the entire look. For instance, if you think you can pull off a pencil heel for the entire day, then hurray for you! However, if you aren’t used to walking around in heels or stilettos, you should probably go for flats or a small platform heel. Wedge heels, low-mid heels, or a maximum three to four cm platform would be perfect for saving yourself from sore feet and enhancing your wedding style. You can always go for designer wedding shoes as they are perfect for both appearance and preference. You should also consider which heel type would support your dress best and give you stability.

2. Never compromise on your comfort:

There’s already so much going on for the bride that it’s probably not a great idea to add feet-murdering bridal footwear to it. Comfort should come first (well, right after you choose the shoes of your dreams!) because a woman’s mood is directly related to how much her feet are hurting in her fancy shoes. You’ll hate everything if your feet constantly hurt, or worse if you get blisters. You can end up ruining your special dance with the groom. That’s why brides should find common ground when it comes to bridal footwear. Look for styles that come with leather lining or offer good breathability. Shoes with straps and buckles will be great options if you have wider feet.

3. Consider the overall style:

Your big day footwear should complement your overall bridal style. Is your wedding style retro? Or are you going for a vintage wedding? Your shoes should match the theme and the bridal look you have in mind. Pay attention to detail and try matching the elements of your shoes to your wedding dress. Sometimes brides go for something completely different like trainers if their feet are entirely covered. But if you have something different going on, it’s best to go for a uniform bridal look. For instance, if you choose heavily embellished footwear with a long bridal dress, there’s a high chance that the beadings will catch your dress. You shouldn’t overcomplicate your style and focus on the big day!

4. Think about the venue:

You go to a store and buy those sultry heels that you’ve been dying to wear with your gorgeous wedding dress, however, only to realize that you decided on a beach wedding! Experts recommend that brides should not forget to consider the venue and even the weather when going shoe shopping. This is especially important for outdoor weddings. You wouldn’t want to find out how it goes when you walk down the aisle in high heels on grass. So, think long and hard about how your choice of footwear can accommodate your wedding location. You should prioritize the fact that the entire day should go smoothly instead of sacrificing everything for a pair of shoes. For example, if you’re going for a winter wedding, you should opt for closed mule-type shoes made of heat retaining material.

5. Test your shoes:

After buying those gorgeous shoes, the first thing you should do is try them out. Yes, you heard right! Don’t wait until your wedding because of worrying about how you might damage them. It’s best to try out those shoes and walk in them a few times to see if they need any fixes and whether they are comfortable or not. It’s common for new shoes to cause blistering or the feeling of pinching. Hence, you should try breaking them in a few weeks before the wedding and keep practicing until they fit you perfectly. We also recommend doing the “twirl test” so that your shoes don’t fly off in the middle of your dance!

6. It’s all about the dress and the color:

We all know white is the traditional go-to theme for weddings, but you shouldn’t be afraid of trying colors as well. You can go for a statement or a flashy shoe that doesn’t overshadow your dress but also coincides with your bridal style. Blue is very popular these days as an option for adding a pop of color to an otherwise completely white theme. Brides are also going for various shades of red, yellow, and even purple to spice things up. There’s no need to stick with white if you aren’t feeling it. Ditch the ivory, think outside the box, and match your shoes with the wedding theme, the groom’s tie, or even with your bridesmaids.


A happy bride means a happy wedding, and that’s why it’s important that every aspect of the bride, including the shoes, be perfect. There might be no such thing as a perfect shoe, but if you consider a few things when you head out for the shoe hunt, there’s a chance you might end up with the pair of your dreams. Ensure that as a bride, you prioritize your comfort and style above all and have a blast at your wedding!

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