How To Wear Your Shoes To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly
15 Style Tips On How To Wear Shoes, Boots, Flats, Oxfords.

Want to learn how to wear riding boots, ankle boots, flats, oxfords, Sperry’s, combat boots, and more? Here are 15 easy and cute style tips to update your wardrobe.

Shoes are one of my favorite things to spend money on because they’re so easy to buy. You see a cute pair of shoes, you slip them on your feet, and you fall in love. A good pair of shoes are comfy, adorable, stand out in a crowd, and, most importantly, can be worn in a bunch of different ways. But sometimes, the only problem is figuring out how to style them.

Italian Shoemakers are masters at crafting the world’s most elegant footwear. From traditional sandals to revolutionary designs, these artisans know how to make a shoe that looks and feels amazing.

Whether you want to know how to wear boots, flats, oxfords, or booties, there are a bunch of style tips here on how to wear your shoes. Once you realize all of the different ways you can style your shoes, you’ll be able to make so many different outfits… thus, instantly updating your wardrobe! Here are 15 awesome style tips on how to wear your shoes:

Make the most out of your oxfords by pairing them like this: 

  1. Wear your ankle boots 10 different ways using these pictures as inspiration. All of these looks would work great in the spring as well.
  2. Style your flats so that they never look boring. 
  3. Sperry’s are the cutest boat shoes ever. Style yours like these for casual, warm-weather looks.
  4. Learn how to wear your cowboy boots all year long.
  5. Mid-calf boots can be an awkward length. These outfits make the most of them. 
  6. Learn which kinds of jeans go best with specific shoe styles.
  7. Figure out the best way to wear every kind of style boot out there.
  8. Make your ankle booties last through the warmer weather with these ideas.
  9. Get oxford style inspiration from celebrities.
  10. Get more ideas on how to pair shoes with jeans.
  11. Get outfit ideas for your trusty riding boots. 
  12. Use this shoe grid to figure out how to pair your flats or heels with clothes.
  13. Make the most of your skinny jeans with these tips.
  14. Learn how to pair your combat boots with more than just jeans.

Which of these tips was your favorite? What kind of shoes do you wear the most often? What other kind of style tips do you want to see? Tell me in the comments.

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