If you think a shoe rack is just a shoe rack, think again. From over-the-door to under-the-bed styles, there is a slew of creative ideas, and products to suit nearly any collection or household.

This article covers a wide variety of footwear storage and organization products so that you can find the right shoe rack for your particular needs.

Shoe Racks

Over the Door Shoe Racks

While they may not be the most elegant solution, over-the-door shoe racks are incredibly popular because they have a lot of other things going for them: they’re easy to install and uninstall; they’re inexpensive, and they don’t take up any floor space.

Of the following styles, I especially love the ones with shelves, because they allow for using shoe trees, and they’re less likely to cause damage to your shoes than styles with shoe hooks.

The canvas pocket version is less expensive, and takes up less space, although it’s not quite as tidy as the other two.

  • 24 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack with Shelves
  • 24 Pair Overdoor Shoe Rack
  • 12 Pair Shoe Organizer with Canvas Pockets

Under the Bed Shoe Racks

Not the most convenient method for shoes you wear a lot, but for out-of-season or seldom worn shoes, or for people with limited closet space, under bed shoe storage is a great option. Here are two products I particularly like. The first one rolls, for easy access; while the second one is covered, to protect your shoes from dirt, dust, and scratches — and it’s clear, so you know exactly which shoes are stored inside.

  • Clear, Covered Under-the-Bed Shoe Storage Chest holds 16 Pair
  • 6 Pair, Sliding Underbed Shoe Rack

Free Standing Shoe Racks

If you have space, and the shoe collection to fill it, a freestanding shoe rack is a great option. Allowing for quick and easy access and requiring no installation, there are units that will accommodate even the largest collection of shoes and others that will allow you to add on as your shoe wardrobe grows.

A rack that can accommodate shoe boxes will allow you to protect your shoes as well as organize them, but if you just need a small rack by the front or back door, then one with rods should do the trick.

  • 50 Pair Shoe Rack with Shelves
  • 12 Pair Rolling Rack for Shoes
  • Stackable Wood Shoe Racks

Hanging Shoe Racks

If you have room in your wardrobe, a simple option is to use a shoe rack that hangs from the clothes rail. These are extremely affordable and easy to install, making them a great option for anyone on a budget, with limited space, or a picky landlord.

  • Hanging Shoe Bag with Cedar Inserts holds 10 parts of a shoe
  • 10 Covered Hanging Shoe Shoe Organizer
  • Artsy ‘Iglu’ for Shoes

Shoe Cabinets and Cubbies

Though shoe cabinets and cubbies can be a bit more expensive than some of the other options, they’re ideal for when you want a designated, specific space for shoes — and doored models offer great protection of your footwear.

  • 15 Pair Stackable Shoe Cubbie
  • 24 Pair Shoe Cabinet with Drop-Down Doors
  • Shoe Traps – Modular Shoe Cubbies with Glass Doors

Creative Shoe Racks and Storage Ideas

If the off-the-shelf shoe racks listed above don’t quite work for you, then you may be interested in some of these less-conventional products and ideas.

I adore the Shoe Wheel from Rakku Designs, but I’m just as intrigued by the “Shoe Iglu” from the same company. The Iglu is an expandable shoe storage system that can be hung over the door or on a rod, or set on a shelf or wheels.

And finally, there are revolving shoe stands. The one I’ve linked to below won’t protect your footwear, but it provides easy access to 24 pairs of shoes.

  • Shoe Wheels – Artistically Stores up to 30 Pairs of Shoes
  • Shoe Iglu for Women’s Shoes
  • Revolving Shoe Stand
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