Here are some of this week’s hottest deals on shoes. But since these shoes are so deeply discounted, sales may be final. Remember to check each site’s shipping and return policies before ordering, and double-check to be sure the prices haven’t changed since this article was last updated.

Best Online Shoe Stores

RSVP ‘Walvia’ – Pretty Pumps for Now or Later

For those of us who are currently freezing, it’s probably a bit odd to see such a light and airy pair of evening sandals featured here. But, I always try to remember that it’s actually warm in some parts of the world. And besides, every bargain hunter knows that you can score the best deals off-season.

RSVP Walvia

The great thing about shoes like these is that they’re pretty timeless. The ultra-feminine design is one that will work any time, and with almost anything in your dressy wardrobe.

Also available with pale purple, light gray, or ivory fabric uppers, I’m personally crazy about this soft shade of pink. I’m also crazy about the price which is currently 75% off, and — are you ready for it? $16.99!

You read that right. You can score these lovely, classic dress shoes for less than $20, and that includes shipping, since ships for free to the U.S.

The other colors are also on sale at the same price, except the ivory, which is slightly more, at $24.99.

Cute To The Core ‘Blyke’ – Trendy Sneakers for a Song

I’m always up for a pair of cute, trendy sneakers, but I generally stick to styles that are pretty simple. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found these adorable platform sneakers on sale at

Also available in black, these streamlined leather kicks feature 1″ platform soles and would look adorable with jeans or shorts. They’d also be great for customizing or embellishing in some way, and at a price of only $12.99, even if you messed them up it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

Blyke Sneakers

Unfortunately, Shiekh Shoes doesn’t offer free shipping unless you order $75 or more, and their delivery costs are actually a bit higher than a lot of places. To have them shipped to my home would cost me right around $10, but for a deal this good, it just might be worth it.

Faux Suede T-Strap Heels from

You don’t always have to search for sales to save on shoes. If you don’t mind buying no-name or lesser-known brands, then you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

This might mean scouring the shoe sections of your local Target or Wal-Mart stores, but more and more, people are looking for the same kinds of deals online. And, guess what? They’re finding them.

Faux Suede T-Strap Heels

Take these lovely t-strap pumps. The design is classic; the color options are stunning (black, burgundy, or emerald), and the price is under $27. So, in my book, they’re a find without even being marked down.

Are they real suede? No. And, they probably won’t last a lifetime either. But, if you’re used to wearing lower-priced shoes, you already know that.

The big advantage to buying shoes like this in person is that you can try them on first and, if need be, you can return them for the cost of driving back to the store. For those reasons, I recommend that you always shop with a seller you trust, and get to know their return costs and policies before ordering.

DV by Dolce Vita ‘Lake’ – Chic Loafers for Less

Here’s a pretty pair of loafers that would really add a bit of style to your favorite jeans, pants, or even leggings. I’m crazy about the chic almond-shaped toes, and the cut-out diamonds on the vamps are pretty sweet too.

DV by Dolce Vita 'Lake' - Chic Loafers

They come in black, purple, or teal, and they’re currently marked at 50% off, which brings the price to just less than $40 per pair. There’s also a good selection of sizes on this design, with options ranging from 5.5 to 12 in U.S. women’s sizes.

Charles by Charles David ‘Raphael’ – Sexy, Versatile Dress Boots

Flat and casual boots are all the rage this season, so I know that some of you are itching to get your hands on a pair of dressy, high-heeled boots.

Now, how about getting them at more than 70% off their regular price?

Boots like these are great because they’re super-flattering on nearly every body shape and size, and they’ll work with a wide array of skirts, dresses, even suits. That is true of simple black dress boots at any price — let alone when they are priced at under $50 per pair.

Also available in brown, these over-the-knee boots have 3.75″ heels; ultra-long 21.5″ shafts; and microfiber uppers.

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