If you really want to be trendy, you’ll check out my guide to Fall Shoe Trends for 2021. Of course, if you’re looking for the hottest styles from several years ago, then, by all means, keep reading.

This comprehensive guide to Fall Shoes will get you in step with the latest styles and hottest trends in footwear. From back-to-school basics to stylish shoes for men and women — if you want to know what to wear and how to wear it, this 2021 Shoe Guide is for you.

Fall Shoes
Before You Buy Fall Shoes

Hottest Colors in Fall Shoes for Women

This fall, colorful footwear is making its comeback — but don’t hold your breath waiting for candy-colored shoes. This season, it’s all about deep, rich shades like dark red, forest green, royal blue, fuchsia, and golden yellow.

As far as neutrals go, grays are hot, as are chocolatey browns.

In evening shoes the hottest hues are black, red, purple, and dark or natural metallics — i.e. gold, silver, bronze, and pewter.

Autumn’s Top Styles in Women’s Shoes

The hottest trend in Patent Leather and the hottest style for women this fall is definitely Platform Shoes.

But if shiny shoes and thick soles aren’t your cups of tea, you can still stay fashionably in step by opting for sexy peep-toed shoes, or anything with a well-placed strap: sling-backs, mary janes, t-straps, and ankle straps all fit the bill.

The following articles will help to give you some good examples of what to look for.

Back to School Shoes

Whether you’re shipping a child off to school or heading back to campus yourself, you already know that now is the time of year when you pay particular attention to the footwear essentials. To make the task a little less daunting, I’ve compiled a back-to-school guide for Teen Girls and Young Women, as well as for every other gender and age group.

The Season’s Guide to Boots

The appearance of boots is one of the surest signs that fall has arrived. With so many different purposes and so many different styles, choosing the boots you’ll need can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, I’ve covered some of the season’s hottest styles below.

Men’s Shoes for Fall

While men’s shoes may not undergo quite as many changes as women’s styles, knowing what is popular at any given time is still essential if you want to look your best. Men’s Shoes Spotlight features a notable new style or brand each week, and the links below offer loads of tips and top picks.

Shopping for Shoes – Bargains, Discounts & Sales

With holidays around the corner; back to school shopping; and everyday expenses, especially during the fall, it seems like we need to stretch our budget. These articles will help you find the best deals on a bargain, brand name, and designer shoes.

Discount Shoes – Top Sites for Shoe Sales
Guide to Shoe Stores & Shopping

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