Shopping Guide: All The Perfect Boots To Add To Your Closet, Starting At Just $40

Last week, we posed one of the world’s most pressing questions: How much are you supposed to pay for a pair of boots? We got a wide variety of answers, with some of you favoring investment pieces (in the hundreds) and others of you recommending places where you can find cheap shoes that don’t look, well, cheap. Your responses inspired me to go on an internet safari to find some of the best boots in every price range, and it’d just be mean of me to not share what I found. Here are a few boots you’re likely to love, whether you have $50 to spare or there’s a $200 check in your purse that’s waiting to be spent!

The Broke Chick Range: Under $40.

All The Perfect Boots To Add To Your Closet, Starting At Just $40

I usually fall under this category– I’m one of those people who constantly talks about how she’s going to start buying more expensive pieces but then finds herself back at H&M for the thousandth time– so let’s just embrace it.

1. Wrapped Faux Suede Booties from Forever 21, $34.90.

Wrapped Faux Suede Booties from Forever 21

Forever 21 is really hit-or-miss when it comes to things like shoes, but I have one pair of boots from there that I picked up on a whim and have actually worn for the last three winters. These ones are even cuter than the ones I already own, so I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll be another miracle pair.

2. Platform Ankle Boots from H&M, $39.95.

Platform Ankle Boots from H&M

I’m so glad oxblood is still a popular color this year because every time I see a shoe like this I start salivating. All the burgundy! All the time!

3. Unlisted File Up Bootie from DSW, $39.95.

Unlisted File Up Bootie from DSW

There’s nothing better than a cute boot with the kind of heel you can walk around in. I get the feeling that these would look really cheap in any different color, but they’re super hot in black. You’ve gotta love a shoe that looks twice as expensive as it really is!

The Super Average Range: Under $60.

Perfect Boots To Add To Your Closet: boots in a row

These are the boots you buy every few years, the boots you wear every day for a month, the boots you let your mom buy you when she’s begging to get you a grown-up present at back-to-school time.

4. Zina Ankle Bootie from Francesca’s, $48.00.

Zina Ankle Bootie from Francesca's

I’m not usually a fan of this color, but these ones really work for me. I love the gold buckle, and I’m willing to bet these will really get you into the Thanksgiving spirit. (Because pilgrims wore buckles? Get it? I’m too easily amused.)

5. Quilted Boots from H&M, $59.95.

Quilted Boots from H&M,

These are super badass, super versatile, and you could probably get away with telling someone they’re Chanel if that person is really drunk or really dumb. Win, win, win.

6. Impo Nevada Leopard Bootie from DSW, $49.95.

Impo Nevada Leopard Bootie from DSW

Not everyone can pull off leopard print (or any other animal print, for that matter), but for those lucky few who can rock the hell out of this pattern, these boots are super cute.

The Fancy Lady Range Under $130.

The Fancy Lady Range Under $130: Heeled Boot

These are the boots you save up for, the ones you mention to your grandparents around Christmas, and the ones you promise you’ll buy for yourself someday when your rent gets a lot easier to manage.

7. High-Heeled Leather Boot from Zara, $119.00.

High-Heeled Leather Boot from Zara

I can totally see myself wearing these with a pair of patterned tights and a black dress. The second I stumble upon a hundred-dollar bill on the sidewalk, I’m heading over to Zara and making these mine.

8. Allie from ALDO, $120.

Allie from ALDO

These are simple and standard but in a… cool way. I can picture myself wearing these with bright-colored pants and keeping them in my closet for years to come. I can see myself making a life with these boots.

9. Away Chelsea Boot from Topshop, $130.

Away Chelsea Boot from Topshop

So freaking cute. Kitten heels usually don’t do it for me, but these DO IT. These are doing it so hard. I want to wear them with a black dress and carry around a black umbrella. I don’t even care if it’s not raining. It’s just part of my aesthetic, okay?

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