You guys… how much are you supposed to spend on boots? What do you think is the appropriate amount to spend on a pair of boots?

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Love it or hate it, you can’t really deny that it’s finally fall. The weather’s doing its own thing, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back with a vengeance, and people everywhere (except Australia, I guess) are going boot shopping. As self-described “fashion people,” we at Blufashion are big fans of boots. We’re not, however, fans of throwing away money on them. And there’s the dilemma. You guys… how much are you supposed to spend on boots?

I can’t freaking decide. Take a walk through any mall and you’ll discover some weird shit going down in the boot world. In one corner, boots that cost half my rent. In another, 30-dollar boots that look like they’re made out of the same stuff as those pink erasers, you get in elementary school. How is a mere mortal supposed to figure out what to do??

It’s becoming more and more popular to ditch the old fast fashion stores and invest in pieces that are both ethically made and intended to be worn for years, and I can totally get behind that idea. I want to cut down on the number of plastic shoes rotting away in landfills, and I definitely want to live in a world where factory workers are paid fair wages. Of course, I also understand that this economic recession makes it a lot harder for people to fork over large sums of money for items that they could easily grow out of or not need to own in the distant future. Thrifting is always a great option, but it definitely narrows down the selection of shoes you get to choose from. Hand-me-downs are also fantastic… provided you have someone in your life who owns things worth handing down. There’s a roadblock in every direction, so it really comes down to what matters to you. Basically, life is hard.

So, dear Blufashion readers, we’ve come to you for help. What do you think is the appropriate amount of spend on a pair of boots? You can give us a price range ($20-$50, $200-$300, $0, and preferably found in a dumpster…) or tell us exactly what you paid for the pair you’re rocking this fall. Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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