Slips-Ons and Clogs Are Sporty Alternatives

Women’s lace-up shoes are among the most comfortable casual shoes.

Many manufacturers offer specially engineered insoles in lace-up styles and other women’s comfort shoes.

Some diabetics are confined to lace-up and Mary Janes for their prescription orthotics.

Comfortable casual shoes (women’s casual shoes) may be worn with slacks, Capri pants, some shorts, and skirts.

With skirts, a tie shoe with a thin sole and canvas or leather upper may work without socks in the summer. This is a youthful look, perhaps too youthful for some of us.

Socks Versus Leggings

Because we usually wear socks with lace-up shoes, this can shorten the long, lean line of your leg from the hem to the shoe top. You can lessen this effect by wearing a sock that blends with your leg tone.

In cooler weather, leggings and leotards are chic with lace-ups and other women’s comfort shoes.

Wearing women’s lace-up shoes with shorter skirts is a purely personal choice.

If your health requires that you wear tie-front shoes, you should never waste one moment of time worrying about whether the choice is chic by the standards of fashion gurus.

Here are some ideas for dressing up diabetic shoes for dressy and special occasions.

Tie Them On for Travel or Business

Women’s lace-up shoes often provide advanced insole engineering and support that make them ideal for travel.

You’ll walk all day in comfort if you choose well.

Manufacturers are incorporating foam innersoles that conform to your foot, linings that resist sweat and microbes to keep your feet healthy, and other innovations.

Many jobs also require sturdy support for standing on one’s feet. For example, store representatives, cashiers, bank personnel, and teachers spend hours standing.

Tie shoes are appropriate with pants, suits, and professional slacks.

Slip-Ons Include Mocs, Boat Shoes, and More

Slip-on shoes are the most versatile, comfortable casual shoes. Styles include super soft moccasins, mocassin-like boat shoes with rubber soles for slippery decks, classic loafers, and loafer-like slip-ons, some with low heels that are elegant enough to wear with pants suits for professional wear.

Casual shoes were a natural entry point for athletic shoe manufacturers moving into the comfortable women’s shoe market and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. If you are looking for something for the summer, try a comfortable pair of canvas sneakers.

Merrell, Timberland, and Rockport are among the athletic and men’s footwear manufacturers who first offered women’s lace-up shoes for casual wear before offering dressier and professional women’s comfort shoes.

Clogs Are Fun And Chic

Clogs are another great style for easy-going weekends, relaxing, and travel. They also slip-on but have distinctive characteristics: wide rounded toes, wedge heels, and low or no backs.

Here’s why I love Easy Spirit slipper clogs for air travel.

To wrap it all up, women’s lace-up shoes are one of two main types of women’s comfortable casual shoes. Slip-ons are the other main type, offering versatility and a wide range of style and heel heights.

Clogs, also slip-ons, are generally considered a separate category because of their distinctive characteristics.

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