What Your Favorite Shoe Store Says About Your Style

You can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her shoes. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that a lady’s shoes say more about her style than any other part of her wardrobe. There’s a big difference between a Target girl and a Zappos junkie, so here’s what your favorite shoe store says about YOUR personal style!

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1. Target

Shop Target for Women's Shoes

You like your clothes like you like your throw pillows: a 30-second walk away from a Pizza Hut Express and a tampon aisle. You’re a practical lady who still wants to be romanced, and your style reflects that. You’re all about tailored pants and whimsical tote bags. You’re a low-maintenance Zooey Deschanel.

2. Payless

Payless Shoes for Women, Men and Kids

You make your wardrobe choices wisely and you never let your bank account suffer. You’ve been wearing the same pair of cheap jeans for five days in a row, and it’s because you’re really good at picking cheap jeans, not because you’re careless. You watch your friends buy the same pair of black heels over and over again, and you just smile and look lovingly at the solid pair you nabbed for $35 a decade ago.

3. Aldo

Aldo Shoes: Is ALDO a good brand?

You’re really confused by the type of person who’d rather buy her shoes in a warehouse than in an actual shoe store, just like you’re confused by the type of person who orders a hotdog at the movie theater or a salad at a baseball game. There’s a time and place for everything. You don’t wear your fall cardigans in spring. You don’t wear your navy blue shoes with your black jacket and just hope that no one notices. Rules are important, and you always look more put-together than people who skimp on the details.

4. Forever 21

Forever 21: Buy Shoes for women's Online

You’d rather buy ten trendy items that will inevitably unravel into shreds in the washing machine than one expensive “wardrobe staple” that you’ll end up hating in six months. You like your heels high, your pleather shiny, and your colors daring. Your closet floor is littered with shoes that cost about the same as a pizza, and you loved them in the same way: fervently, but only for a few hours.

5. Zappos

Zappos shoes skechers

Good marketing always works on you, and you’re not ashamed to admit it. You get sucked into commercials, a picture of Kim Kardashian convinced you to buy a peplum dress, and you just wait for Emma Stone to cut her hair so you can give a picture of it to the lady at the salon (that you discovered because it had a Groupon.) You always look on-trend and stylish because you know whose advice to follow. Besides, you’re really good at shopping on a laptop, from the comfort of your own sweatpants.

6. DSW

DSW Shoes: Women's Shoes, Boots, Sandals

You’re a woman who needs options. Those tiny boutiques that only have twenty items and none of them have sizes or price tags? Those stress you out. If you’re going shoe shopping, you’re going to the Costco of shoes. You’re going to forage through the aisles, imagining yourself cutting through the foliage with a machete, and you’re going to conquer those shoes. You don’t like to receive clothes as gifts. You’re in it for the chase.

7. Goodwill

How to Find Higher Quality Shoes at Goodwill

You have Extreme Couponing on your DVR and you recently pinned a picture of an old cross stitch (“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”) on your Pinterest board called “Aspirations & Goals.” You store your makeup brushes in repurposed mason jars. You make DIY accessories. You get a lot of pleasure out of telling part guests, “Oh this? I got it at a thrift store. Yeah, it’s Burberry. Yeah, it was twenty bucks.”

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