Sexy High Heels

Pump shoes are cute, and sneakers are practical, but when you want to add a little encouragement to your clothes; nothing beats a sexy high heel. The fact is that there is nothing that beats the effect of long legs, more shaped calves, and self-confidence increase. Learn how to choose and to wear the sexiest high heels here.

Types of High Heels

Almost every high-heels can cast sexual appeal. Here are some types of high heels:

High Heels

Between wedges and stiletto, there is one called high-heeled shoes, which has a wider lower part compared to stiletto. Some types of these shoes even have a block, or woodblock, chunky heels; a thick foundation for you to be balanced.

High Heeled Wedges

High Heeled Wedges

In general, the thicker your heels, when touching the ground, the easier it will be to wear them. High heeled wedges are the easiest high heel shoes for walking around and can be a good way to get yourself used to wear high heel shoes. You will find high-heeled wedges up to 4 inches, but the shape of the heel means that your weight is distributed evenly on your feet; therefore it is not too difficult to walk.

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto Heels

The opposite of wedges, the stiletto has a thin and small heel that can make it difficult to be in balance if you are not familiar with wearing one. However, once you are used to wearing high heels, you might find it easier to wear stiletto when walking around compared to other types because stiletto forces you to balance your body on your heels.

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

Kitten-heeled shoes are very low to the ground, and they usually have a narrow heel base. There are many new people who have just started wearing high heels are enticed with kitten heel because it is very low. However, kitten heels are also difficult to wear because of the weight distribution on heels.

Toes and Straps

Toes and Straps Heels

The front part of these shoes also has a cushion to make it easier to walk. Pointy-toed stilettos might look hot, but sometimes they pinch your feet, and feet with round or square ends can be more comfortable. Also, slipped when wearing sexy high heels will not look good when you go out at night, but it is almost impossible to walk while your fingers keep on holding on to the sole to keep your feet. If you are a beginner in wearing high heels, shoes with slingback or wrist-rope might be easier to use.

Learn to Wear Sexy High Heels

There is no secret to walking using high heels. The key to remember here is that practice makes perfect. If you never use any high heels before, you should start to wear them step by step by walking around your house. You can try using standard 2 or 3 inch high heels. This might sound like the opposite as there are other heels easier that you can use, but if you can master this heel, then you can easily move on to other shapes. Here are some tips for walking in high heels:

Wear Sexy High Heels
  • Get yourself used to wearing high heels just by standing still by wearing one. You will get balance by leaning your weight forward a little so the center of gravity will be on your foot, not on your heel.
  • Start walking around in your house. You will walk by placing the weight on your feet; keep the center of gravity at that position. If you are getting used to the balance on your feet, you can keep your balance, even when your heels are slipping out or shaking a bit.
  • Try to walk on different surfaces – concrete, wooden floor, etc. All of these surfaces will feel different on your heel and will affect our balance.
  • Try going up and down the stair. Make sure you start by holding the stair grip to help you keep your balance. Sometimes it helps if you place your feet aside or at the corner of the staircase to maintain more balance.
  • Put your high heels aside and try stilettos, kitten heels and wedges to feel the difference of each type. Remember that even though it is easier to walk using wedged heels, it is more important to walk using your feet to keep your balance.

Remember that it is normal if it’s a bit shaky at first. It takes some time to build your leg strength to keep your stability. If you start for a few minutes to walk around, then regularly wear your high heels for a longer period. You will feel surprised to see how you will be able to walk naturally using high heels in just a few weeks.

High Heels Popularity

For decades, high heels have been acknowledged as the highest achievement in sexy footwear. High heels are considered to be sexy for some reasons:

High Heels Popularity
  • The height of its heels changes the balance of its user.
  • Make the user’s hip shake when walking and put more emphasis on the butt.
  • The shape of the shoes makes the feet look longer and slimmer than it creates a sexier look.
  • Encourage self-confidence and an inner sense saying that the user is sexy.

Choose Your Heels

Choose Your Heels

When choosing high heels, you want to make sure that it is comfortable to use and makes your personality attractive. Therefore the best way is to try wearing high heels in a shop if possible. If you want to shop online, make sure that the seller has a return policy so you can return the shoes if it is not suitable. But remember, the most important aspect to create sexual appeal with high heels is to wear them confidently.

Purchasing Sexy High Heels

High-heels shops are easy to find. They are available at department stores, boutiques, and online shops. If you are interested in purchasing high heels on the internet, here are some of the best references from many online shops:

Pierre Silber: this shop has 25 years of reputation in women’s footwear; especially in high heels. The shop has hundreds of high heels at different prices. It also accepts international shipping.

Amazon: this shop also has many high heels collections. The shoes are unique in style and color. They also sell shoe accessories. If you have a limited budget and still want to look sexy, try to visit this shop.

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