25 Completely Valid Reasons To Not Wear Heels Today
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Though they can be fun to wear sometimes, I’m a firm believer that uncomfortable footwear should never be required of women– and it really sucks when certain work environments and bar scenes make heels seem necessary. That’s stupid. If you agree that it’s stupid (and if you need an extra little push), here are 25 totally valid excuses to not wear heels today.

  1. Because you’re just not feeling it.
  2. Because no one would ever ask a dude to do this.
  3. Because you’re too sore from the gym to walk around on your toes.
  4. Because you’re too out of shape to walk around on your toes.
  5. Because you don’t want to have to think about the state of your fitness every time you take a step around the office.
  6. Because the pointy toe will mess up your pedicure.
  7. Because the peep-toe will show off your lack of pedicure.
  8. Because you don’t care if your legs look sexy when you’re just running errands.
  9. Because you’re not in the mood to be sexy today.
  10. Because you’re already sexy as hell.
  11. Because it’s Friday and you worked hard this week.
  12. Or it’s Monday and you went hard this weekend.
  13. Or it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and nobody has the energy for this.
  14. Because who are you trying to impress here?
  15. Because anyone worth impressing will understand.
  16. Because you can impress people without walking around on stilts.
  17. Because you’re getting bunions.
  18. Because you’re getting corns.
  19. Because you’re getting calluses.
  20. Because you’re getting sick of watching your feet rebel against your shoes.
  21. Because you don’t want to feel like a dog on its hind legs.
  22. Because you don’t have permanently slanted Barbie feet.
  23. Because your calves deserve a day off.
  24. Because you deserve a day off.
  25. Because you deserve to do whatever you want.

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