Everyone likes sneakers, there are many reasons, but one common reason is they are affordable and comfortable. You can wear them everywhere. These comfortable Sneakers also have a list of Most Expensive Sneakers.

Most Expensive Sneakers

The Expensive Sneakers give comfort to your foot, and also you can walk without feeling heavy or something. The exact sneaker makes you feel comfortable and look affluent. One can find Luxury sneakers, including designer shoes, with Italian leather and handmade designs and beautiful collector’s items produced by Nike, they have a very limited collection. Nike also represents an increase in sales of sneakers because of its new inventions and lighter shoes. Globally men spend 8.7 billion dollars.

The Expensive Sneakers have demand in every season and every game they can be used to play basketball, or you can just take a brisk walk, it gives comfort. Stefani Greenfield, Scoop co-owner once said that men act that they don’t care to get shoes or any kind of accessories, but the fact is they equally like to look good like women, but they are stubborn to admit it. Greenfield has many varieties of sneakers stored in her store from John Varvatos, Hush Puppies, and many other brands.

Expensive Sneakers Brands

The shoes you wear reveal your character and speak about the sort of person you are. Expensive sneaker brands are more difficult to find than cheap ones. You have to walk into any bargain store or discount store, and you can make a quick purchase of cheaper sneakers. Expensive sneakers brands on the other side are not easy to come by. You never come across coupons offering discounts on the Jimmy Choo or the Ferragamo shoes. Expensive shoe brands talk of style and class. Agreed that all and sundry cannot get their hands on designer shoe brands, but if you save and are keen to buy expensive shoe brands, then let nothing stop you. They are more than worth their price for many reasons.

Expensive Sneakers Brands

Most expensive sneaker brands are priced in the high bracket, also for the reason that they are rare and tough to come by. Economics states that if the supply of a product is less, its cost goes up. Another reason for their price hitting the roof is that they may be manufactured of unusual materials.

Expensive sneakers are worth their price also for the reason that they are made of very fine quality. They feel really comfortable on their feet. Apart from being trendy and fashionable, they are light and easy to wear. Comfort is a vital requirement in shoes. Most expensive sneakers are crafted with a lot of thought given to the solace of the feet.

Durability is a big factor that justifies expensive shoe brands. You know that you have spent a packet but realize that the shoes are going to last for many years; you consider this a great purchase. You don’t have to shop repeatedly. One classic and timeless design can see you through a long duration. With cheaper shoe brands, you may think you have landed yourself a deal with that under $20 pair of shoes, but you will end up fretting and fuming each time the shoes tear apart. No one can do without shoes, so every time you go and buy a poor-quality cheap pair just to save your bucks, you actually end up spending more. It is better to save and buy one suave expensive shoe brand than end up with good for nothing shoes every quarter.

You must have heard of Hollywood stars buying shoes worth millions of dollars. That is a total lavish expense and is meant only for the ultra-rich. Regular people, too, can afford to buy expensive sneakers by planning their budget sensibly. No point stinging and skimping over a pair of shoes, which will only cause you grief. It’s a better idea to buy the high quality and expensive shoe brands which stay around a long time.

Helping to Choose The Best Sneakers For You

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Frugalmalefashion.org provides the best sneaker reviews of the well-known sneakers brand of Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, and many more.

The goal of the website is to provide quality, accurate, and easy-to-follow information about sneakers. This will help you choose the best sneakers for you.

You will find well-researched information and reviews of different types, colors, and styles on sneakers based on real-life consumer’s experiences. This will surely help you narrow down your search for the best sneakers reviews.

High Priced Sneakers

What Makes a Sneaker Worthy of a High Price Tag?

So are they worth it? The Nike Air costs the equivalent of sixteen 3D movie tickets. However, what you’re willing to pay for kicks depends on how you measure things. The following are how consumers weigh the value of sneakers.


If the sneaker appeals to the buyer for the way it looks, people will pay over $100. Many people look at sneakers as a piece of art, and will pay more if their kicks can turn them into art too! For some, there isn’t a price too high for STYLE.


If you can’t find shoes that fit you, then most likely, you are dishing out more money for shoes that come in wider sizes – which get produced in smaller quantities, by exclusive dealers and brands — or rarely at all.

New Balance also caters to people with wide feet.

Niche Engineering

If you need running shoes to run faster, then most likely you will splurge more for sneakers that promise their design “engineering” will help you do so. Will it? You will have to conduct your own focus group or get yourself into a lab to really find out.

Celebrity Endorsement / Brand Affiliation

If you get a basketball celebrity, or Justin Bieber, to endorse your sneaker, people will pay more than what’s worth for it. Look at what Michael Jordan did for Nike! The rest is history.

Best Sneakers

Why Branded Sneakers Are More Expensive

Do you think $905 for a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Blue Moon’ is outrageous? What about $309 for Adidas NMD R1? Well compared to these expensive designer sneakers those prices look like a mere bag of shells. These designer sneakers carry price tags that are guaranteed to make your jaws drop. Trust us, after seeing these lavish shoes; those “high priced” performance sneakers won’t seem so bad after all.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, sneaker collecting can be quite an expensive hobby. As sneaker prices seem to keep going up as the culture gets more popular, it’s refreshing to know that there are still quite a few great sneakers out there that look and feel great, but won’t break the bank.

No, you won’t find the newest LeBron James signature shoe or the latest Air Jordan Retro here, but what you will find are great sneakers that will keep you looking just as fresh—and a little more original—all for very affordable prices. In some cases, they’re over half the price of the latest mega-hyped sneakers.

As you’ll see, not every great sneaker has to drain your bank account. Check out these sneaker suggestions for your next pair of cost-efficient kicks.

When it comes to shoes, you can’t help but want to own branded ones. Most expensive sneakers are known for their quality and value. When you own branded sneakers, you elevate your social status. This is because shoes that are branded cost considerably more. So in branded sneakers, it is not only the quality that matters. It is also the value that goes with it.

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