With all the colors and styles of shoes available, you cannot blame women for stacking up their closets with footwear. If you find it confusing as to what pair of shoes is suitable for your specific outfit, this guide will help you select the perfect women’s shoes to wear regardless of the attire, the season, and the occasion.

How to Match Your Shoes to Your Dress


Pumps are the kinds of footwear that refer to chic and urban. It means that any attire that exudes a chic vibe is a good match to pumps, for example, long formal dresses, short dresses, pencil skirts, pantsuits, cigarette pants, and so on. In cold months, wearing pumps with skinny jeans and long jackets or trench coats will take your overall appearance to the next level.


These days, boots are no longer exclusive footwear for winter. While they add wonders to your get-up during fall and winter seasons, they can do a lot more than that. You can wear both knee-length and ankle boots with short dresses, long dresses, skinny jeans, and jackets, etc. Try wearing boots with any of your outfits, but make sure they do not look forced.

Small Heels

If you are not into wearing heels regularly, your best option is the small heels. These women’s shoes give the same fulfillment of wearing high heels. Small heels are perfect for your office wear, as they can complement your outfit and at the same time, bring your look a notch higher.


While stilettos and pumps are not the same, they are not that completely different. Stilettos are usually covered or with straps, but they have long thin heels. On the other hand, pumps are typically peep-toe or closed-toe with a 1-inch heel or less. When it comes to stilettos, you can wear them with practically everything, whether it is casual, party, or formal wear.

Peep Toes

Keep in mind that peep toes are perfect with bare legs. In other words, your peep toes are a good match to those short or knee-length outfits in your wardrobe. Peep toes may come in wedges or stilettos. Also, flat peep toes look good with jeggings or skinny jeans with long tops.

Slip-On Shoes

Slip-on shoes were considered to be boring and only suitable for mom jeans. But, it did not take long for these slip-ons to prove everyone wrong. This footwear is now a favorite of many women regardless of age and status, as they are comfortable, stylish, and cool. You can have them in bold and fun colors. They go well with summer dresses and other casual outfits.


Women wear sneakers for their purpose and comfort. But today, the ladies wear them for fashion as well. You can wear white, black, or other neutral colors, but the vibrant ones are also becoming popular. Wear your sneakers for running, hiking, going to the airport, shopping, etc.

Ballerinas and Loafers

These shoes are blessings in disguise for women. These women’s shoes can go well with any type of dress. Try to match colors or go with contrast. Those dark shade ballerinas and loafers go with everything. Make sure to invest in high-quality ones as they will never fail you.

The shoes you decide to wear have a big role in making or breaking your outfit. Learn to match your shoes correctly with your dress for the day (or night) to transform your look from basic to trendy and classy.

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