As part of the “Vintage Collection,” the Doc Martens 1461’s are a direct replica of the first shoes that rolled off the production line decades ago. While many men’s shoes come and go, these don’t. They’re still durable, they’re still badass and they’re still cool. It’s hard to argue with tradition like this and the classic look is one reason why these shoes never go out of style.

Pros of Men’s Dr. Martens 1461: Style

It’s hard to argue with a classic style that has stood the test of time. It has the classic three eyes, but the sole is really the star of the show and this shoe has the definable Doc Marten air-cushioned sole, providing comfort, a rebellious look, and insane durability.

It is oil resistant and offers good slip resistance.

Pros of Men’s Doc Martens 1461: Support

If you’re looking for a shoe with a lot of support, then look no further. Most Docs shoes and boots are beasts – and in a good way. If the big one ever hits, the only things left will be cockroaches and these shoes because they are built so well. They are stitched – not glued and I have never seen anyone wear through that thick sole. If you live in a wet climate (like I do), they are second to none.

Cons of Men’s Dr Martens 1461: Comfort

While the Dr. Martens ‘1461’ can be a comfortable shoe for most, it will not rank as the most comfortable you’ve ever worn. There is a big break-in period. That being said, the more you wear them the more they will eventually break in and meet your needs.

Cons of Men’s Doc Martens 1461: Sizing

The one real drawback to these shoes is that they only come in whole sizes. It can be tough to get just the right fit sometimes and I’ve had to try on multiple pairs of the same size to get the right fit.

I’m sure they have their reasons, but it’s a drawback in my book.


The Doc Marten website says it best when speaking of 1461:

“The product, made on the original `59` last, features narrower horizontal tread bars, criss-crossed coring bars, a darker sole, a storm welt bound together on the lateral side, small indentations left on the welt by the original stitching machine, no top collar binding and runs into the eye stay above the top eyelet. This is where it all began.”

A great shoe that will never go out of style, the Doc Marten 1461 is a welcome addition to any man’s closet.

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